Winter Wonderland

{Jacket: Burlington Coat Factory} {Shirt: Macy’s – Material Girl} {Pants: Zara} {Shoes: DSW}


I hope everyone is having a good week 🙂 my week is extremely busy! Missing a whole week from work for business trip is hectic! I have so much to catch up and I don’t think I will ever catch up lol
So yesterday, we had a snow day, my office was closed but I had to work from home. I thought I could at least sleep in a little but instead my body is so used to waking up, I am awake at 630am! What is wrong with me. I miss the time being young and wild 😉 no worries about anything and all I did was do snow dances, all the myths you can think of to get a snow day so that I can go outside to play in the snow and make snow angles! Well now, instead of doing all the fun things, I woke up early and worked from home. I am starting to think work is taking over my life.
Anyway, enough about my rambling. For this outfit I was going for the comfy yet has a little edge to it. When I wear black, it makes me feel daring.. I am not sure why because when you wear red or bright colors, it makes you feel daring. lol I AM WEIRD. Maybe it was just because I had on a leather jacket! The blue peplum top had black see through lining which makes it sexy. Not showing too much is sexy to me. I had on my tall mid calf boots from DSW. I love these boots, they are my to go boots.
I had on black pants (it’s pretty much leggings but thicker) to complete my look. This shoot was done inside, the lightning was not too bad for an indoor shoot. It was definitely way to cold out for me to actually get a photo with this outfit lol
Stay tune for my next post! I can’t wait to show you since the weather over the weekend was good enough for me to wear something short 🙂 Follow on instagram for more recent updates!