Golden in NYC

Hey guys! How’s everything going? I am jealous I was not at NYFW! I was in Atlanta for work. Anyway, this post was taken in NYC about couple weeks ago. I just love the city! It never sleeps! Also, it is the fashion city. Who wouldn’t love that?

But with this look, I wanted to make a statement with the golden skirt. That is the first thing I look when I look at my outfit. To me gold is very classic and bold because it stands out. Especially, because it is a puffy golden skirt!

I was shopping one day looking for actually work clothes in The Limited for Petite people, well guess what?! this skirt caught my eyes and I could not stop myself from wanting to buy it. So instead of actually buying boring work pants for the winter, I bought myself dresses and skirts from there. However, I do not regret it because it made this outfit.

The black shirt I have on is also from the same store, it has a zipper in the back (I know you can’t see it). The white jacket was from H&M.

Since it isn’t summer time, I had to wear black stockings so I didn’t look too crazy walking around NYC with a skirt on pretending I am not cold but I really am lol.

I bought my boots from Aldo Shoes, they had it on sale! Let me tell you, it was my first time wearing those boots and it was surprising comfy enough for me to walk around all day in NYC to do more shopping!

To complete this look I added gold jewelry to bring attention to the top since the black solid shirt needed a spice up 🙂 – oh let’s not forget my side bag, I thought it went great with the occasion. I had so much fun putting this outfit together, it was a worthy outfit for NYC 😀 leave me comments to tell me what you like to read on my blog!