Black Widow

“I’m gonna love ya like a black widow” More pictures below!

I hope you guys are having a good week! So I was gone for a whole week at work and I am super behind, it is super overwhelming but I am hanging in there. What keeps me sane from work is coming home knowing I can connect with you guys! Thank you for supporting me!

This past weekend I was snowboarding with my friends in West VA – Snow Shoe, it was a lot of snow! more than 2feet and super cold! I thought I was going to be blown away because of the wind. But overall it was super fun!

For this blog post, this photoshoot was fun because I felt flirty and sexy at the same time. The weather was good, sun was shinning and not cold as it is now. The weather where I am from is extremely bipolar. So on a warm day I had to take advantage of taking pictures with this outfit.

I paired a lace long sleeves crop top with woven buckled shorts overalls. I wanted to show a little of my skin between the top and the shorts. Since the shorts had buckles, I wore black heels that had studs on them to compliment the buckles. To me it added a little edge to the outfit. I didn’t want to do too much with the simplicity of the outfit, so I wore a heart shape necklace that stops in the middle to bring attention to the top of the outfit. Of course, I had on long dangly earrings & rings.

I have a thing for black and red. So with the black outfit, I added red lipstick to spice up my look and bring attention to my smile 🙂

This outfit can be worn for a night out by wearing heels or if you want to tone it down, wear flats! Either way it works because this outfit is fun and I had a lot of fun trying to model this outfit for you guys even though I do not have a clue how to model. But the most important thing is the outfit! I hope you like this outfit as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Let me know what you think.

P.S. this blog took a while to be upload because I tried to use photoshop for the first time but that didn’t work out so I used my phone features to brightened up the colors lol I tried and failed miserably! someone teach me!

{Crop top: Charlotte Russe} {Shorts Overalls: Forever 21} {Heels: Charles & Keith in Singapore}
{Jewelry: Charlotte Russe/Forever 21}