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Make-Up Off!


Happy Friday and Happy December! I cannot believe that it’s already the end of the year! Where did the time go? If you guys follow me on IG, you’ve probably noticed that I have been talking about my upcoming 25th birthday this weekend (Dec 4th). Honestly, I have always wanted to get older when I was younger, but now that I am reaching this age, I really want to stay young! I will get into this more on my next blog! On this one, we shall talk about skin care because I have a slight obsession with flawless skin.


Growing up, I have never had bad skin, I ate whatever I wanted, drank whatever I craved. However, as I got into college and turned 21, like majority of us, I was introduced to alcohol. Going to happy hour was always a thing with my friends on weekends. I would end up tagging along even though I knew drinking wasn’t good for me because I have what you call the “Asian glow”. Have you heard of it? If you have Asian friends, I am sure you have seen some who tend to turn red like a tomato when they have any alcohol in their system.

Unfortunately, I am the lucky one too! I discovered that alcohol makes me really red and sometimes even purple. A friend actually calls me “purple dragon”! Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against drinking or sobriety. But I have noticed that my skin didn’t look as pretty when I was drinking in college. After college, I had a big girl job and happy hour was there but not as often because I was really busy working. I started missing more and more happy hour events. I noticed that my skin looked better.


Let me paint you guys a picture of my skin with and without alcohol. With alcohol, I turn super red, itchy, and occasionally I break out (acne). I couldn’t figure out why I was breaking out until I cut alcohol out and started watching what I put in my body and fixing my sleeping schedule. I am telling you, it makes a difference! I felt so much better.

However, I do tend to have breakouts here and there so I have gotten into a skin care routine to make sure I don’t have bad breakouts and just keeping my skin looking healthy and to avoid wrinkles. I also wear makeup here and there. I was always looking for the best makeup removal and face washes etc. Am I the only one that has an obsession with wanting beautiful, smooth skin?

I started reading ingredients that go into my products, did research on face washes, and it has been years of trial and error of different products. Now I think I have finally found what I am looking for. I have learned so much about my skin and what makes it break out or even get irritated and red.

My skin is a combination; my T zone tends to get oily throughout the day and sometimes dry like my nose. The products I use do make a difference in how my skin will react throughout the day and during the night. I wash my face twice a day, once in the morning and once more before bed at night. I then apply a moisturizer, definitely more at night so while I sleep, my skin can be hydrated for the morning.


With wearing makeup throughout the day, some tend to clog your pores if you don’t wash it off correctly. I always make sure to get all my makeup off before bed to prep my skin. I was fortunate enough to have heard about Bioderma makeup removal and washes. You should check them out. Why?

They are a team that works closely with both national and international scientists and laboratories that are expert in skin biology to come up with products that can give you healthy skin. Bioderma micellar water H2O products are very easy to use and it is effective. I really love their products because of the ingredients in them, they are natural and safe to use, formulated without any parabens, alcohol, fragrance or harsh chemicals. Each item in their line is for different skin types to help strengthen skin and restore its natural balance and pH level. One thing I love the most is that they are mostly non-comedogenic. If you read my last beauty blog, this means they are made to not clog your pores! This will help your skin not to break out. These products can also remove your regular makeup remover, toner and a normal cleanser. Less products and less work! How cool is that?

So let me give you a quick tour of the products I use from them.

Sensibio – Make-up removing micelle solutionphoto-dec-01-7-23-26-pm

If you have sensitive skin and experience redness, this product is for you. It removes your make-up while respecting the cutaneous balance. Soothing active ingredient help prevent feelings of irritation. The best thing is it is a non-rinse.

Hydrabio – Moisturizing make-up removing micelle solutionphoto-dec-01-7-23-44-pm

This one is also for sensitive skin but it is to hydrate sensitive skin. This product will help the skin biologically regain its natural moisturizing and water retention ability. This will leave your skin feeling soft, comfortable and radiant. This one is non-comedogenic!

Sébium – Purifying cleansing micelle solutionphoto-dec-01-7-23-34-pm

This product is for combination/oily skin. This product will remove your make-up without drying out your skin. This product limit sebum secretion and thoroughly purifies the epidermis. This is also non-comedogenic.

Sébium – Purifying cleansing foaming gelphoto-dec-01-7-23-52-pm

It is also for combination/oily skin. The foaming gel gently cleanses and purifies the skin without drying it. It does the same as the above but this is a wash. Can be use morning and evening. You can also use this as shaving foam!

Sébium – Shine-control moisturizerphoto-dec-01-7-24-00-pm

Also for combination/oily skin. It is a matte control that last 8 hours, which can be apply to skin morning and/or evening after cleansing with the foaming gel or the makeup removal.

I hope you guys like this! What do you guys like to use and do you look for specific ingredients in the products you use?

Talk to you on my next blog! Can’t wait to show you my birthday photo-shoot!

Love, Linh

**Available for purchase here in the U.S. through

Thank you to Bioderma for the products. All opinions/reviews are my own.

Pictures taken by Me


  • Atsuna Matsui

    I loveee bioderma products! I use their makeup remover for years and it just works so well for my sensitve skin. I dont think I could ever change to a different makeup remover since I love how gentle their formula is.

  • Yasmin

    I still need to try micellar water! I always hear such great things about it’s properties. Bioderma is a great brand too. I wonder if it’s available at Target.

    xx Yasmin

  • Laurelle

    I need to try these products! I am with you on have combination skin and needing drink less and go to bed earlier! (it’s 1am as I write this… ahhhh 😉 ) But it’s great to hear of products that are made with good ingredients and that help your skin!

  • Christine Kong

    I totally get that “Asian glow” too and stay away from alcohol as much as possible because I am too vain. Haha. But in all honesty, alcohol in my skincare is a no no too since it is so drying. I love the clear bottles of these products because it just looks so clean and pure. I definitely need to check this brand out and try out a few things. Thanks for sharing. xoxo, Christine

  • Stefanie

    I recently got a few of these products and need to give them a try! I set them aside before I left for Thanksgiving and totally forgot. But they sound wonderful and I think your skin looks beautiful! xoxo

  • Miki

    Thanks for sharing these. I had massive acne and breakouts when I first moved to LA, and it lasted for months. The air and milk are different, so finding the right products have been challenging. I’m legitamately allergic to alcohol, but still drink from time to time, too. lol I’ll have to look into these. Thanks! 🙂


  • Jenn Hanft

    Ah I luckily don’t have the Asian glow troubles as bad as others but I too see a huge difference in my skin and body after ridding myself of alcohol consumption! I have combo skin too so I have been usingoing Bioderma religiously and it’s done wonders!! I love the in depth review to help spread the word about their products! 🙂

    XO Jenn

  • Bernice

    That’s so good that you discovered a brand that suits your skin type! I love this brand too for my makeup removal as it’s gentle on my skin. While I don’t get red patches from alcohol or anything, I do have a bunch of food and medical allergies so I’m very cautious what I put on and use to take off!

  • Sarah

    Oh I’m dying to try Bioderma! I have used the dupe by Garnier but want the real thing lol. These are great picks!

    Sarah |

  • Jo

    I’m so the same as you when you said when you were younger you couldn’t wait to get older and now that you’re older you want to stop getting older lol! That definitely has to apply with my skin too, which has gotten drier as I’ve gotten older. I used to have really oily skin. Now it’s combination/sensitive skin like yours. I’m always on the lookout for new skincare products so thanks for sharing these. I’ve heard so much about micellar water, I definitely want to try out at least one of those from your list.

    xo, Jo

  • Kusum

    I swear by miceller water too, its so easy to remove makeup and keep my skin looking fresh and moisturized at all times. I have only ever used the one from Simple but should give Bioderma a try next time. Happy Birthday in advance babe, hope you have the best one ever!!
    xx, Kusum |

  • Stephanie

    Wow this is a really wonderfully-detailed post, Linh! Thanks for sharing all your thoughts on the products. I’ll have to check this brand out. I’ve heard good things about it before, and now I have another review to add to the mix!

    Stephanie //

  • Danielle

    These sound like such great products! I have never used this line but it seems like it really works for you! I am someone who is a total nut about taking care of my skin, and I have to say, being diligent definitely comes with great results (as specially as I get older!) Thanks for sharing, love!

    xx, Danielle | Pineapple & Prosecco

  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    Reading this post about how your skin (and you) react to alcohol was such an eye opener and yes, I do have a lot of Asian friends, and not many of them are able to (or want to) drink which is both healthy for your body and your mind! I’ve been using Bioderma for a long time mainly due to all the reasons you listed above and find them to be such greats products (and even affordable!) So thanks for passing this information on to people who might now know all of this. 🙂