How I Wear “Fall” in LA


I definitely had such a great time taking a break from social media and enjoyed some amazing company with lots of food and games! How was everyone’s thanksgiving (if you celebrate it)? And what did you guys do?

Because it’s Thanksgiving, I decided to put down my phone and be in the present and be thankful with my loved ones. I ate so much good food, and bought Just Dance 2017 for the PS4. We had such a blast dancing! It’s a lot of cardio, I’m seriously thinking about using this instead of going to the gym. As you all know, I didn’t go home for Thanksgiving so my friends and I got together for a Friendsgiving!


Usually on Thanksgiving you have family dramas or something goes wrong (from what I’ve seen in movies). We didn’t have any drama but our electricity went out for a good hour and I am still not sure why that happened. But when that happened, we took the opportunity to take pictures and did the mannequin challenge just for the heck of it. I even got my cat to participate haha so if you haven’t seen it, go watch it! The one on my IG doesn’t have sound because I accidentally turned it off when posting it (I know… silly me). If you want to watch it with audio, see it on my Facebook! Links below!

Facebook – Mannequin Challenge

Instagram – Mannequin Challenge


Anyway, I think Mother Nature heard my prayers for colder weather. Just kidding! The weather in Los Angeles has cooled down just in time for Thanksgiving, so I took advantage of it and went to take photos of this pretty cardigan I’ve been meaning to wear but couldn’t because of the warm weather.


I went for a very casual look with this outfit because I want to bring all the attention to this cardigan. I went to Hermosa Park near downtown LA. I was trying to find that bench from the movie 500 days of summer. The weather was chilly enough for me to even wear my favorite jeans from Levi’s! I really like their jeans because they fit me perfectly! I love that the pockets are at the right place so my booty doesn’t look like it is sagging! I am also very petite so it is hard to sometimes find the right pair of jeans that would fit me properly. But these pair of jeans sure did! I paired it with a black spaghetti strap and wore my cardigan over it. I love the patterns on this cardigan because it has a fall and tribal vibe to it.


Surprisingly it kept me warmer than I thought! I adore the big sleeves and the fringe on them! It made me feel really relaxed like I am wearing a really cute blanket! Lastly I wore my purple booties out with this because I honestly haven’t touched these booties since I bought them; so I figured it was time, even though I think a knee high or calf high brown boots would do the trick too! The cardigan also has purple color mixed in it and that was the color that stood out to me the most besides the maroon color.


I am sure this weather may warm up again so while it is a little cooler, I will stick with rocking my fall clothing until then. With that being said, I am keeping this post short because I am still sick 🙁 and my laptop has been acting so funky! I need to get some shut eye and post this before my laptop crashes and I will never get to share this post with you all!




Oh! Lastly, my 25th birthday is on December 4th so stayed tune to find out what I will be wearing and doing this year to celebrate the big quarter century old me! Don’t forget to follow my snapchat (freckles1204) and Instastory to keep up with my celebration kicking off this Friday December 2nd! The rest of the weekend is a surprise so even I don’t know it myself! So let’s find out together what I’m doing!





Every year I get myself a new dress, so I can’t wait to show you guys the dress I picked for this year and the venue of where I am going to take the photos.

Till next time! Talk to you when I am 25!

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