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{Overalls: www.forever21.com} {Lace top: www.express.com} {Pink tank top: http://www.abercrombie.com} {Heels: www.dsw.com}

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Hey guys! Sorry about this blog being up late tonight! It has been such a busy weekend trying to get everything done in time for my conference tomorrow. Besides learning HTML & CSS stuff because I want to have my own domain, I had my first dancing lesson – choreography stuff. It was so much fun even though the start was a little rough because honestly I am so shy when it comes to doing thing in front of people. Even when taking pictures for my blog but most of the time I have to just face the fear and do it!

Anyway, I am going to keep this nice and short because I have a long day tomorrow.

So when I was little and my parents would put me into jeans overalls which honestly I thought it was so dorky because it was so baggy on me and I didn’t think it was cute. But as I grow older and appreciated fashion a lot more than I used to, overalls are actually really cute! I honestly think they will never run out of style! They are super easy to wear especially for a day that you have to run errands.

These overalls are shorts overalls, but you can also style longer overalls the same way and it would still be super cute! For summer time, you can wear a crop top underneath the overalls to have a little skin showing. If it is a little chilly outside, you can pair it with a long sleeves just like what I did for this shoot. Either way it will look amazing and comfy.

You can spice it up by wearing heels or dress it down by wearing flats. With this look since the overalls is solid white, I wanted to create a fresh girly look so I wore a pink tank top underneath a white lace long sleeves top. I pulled the sleeves up to my elbow because it gives off a more casual feel to the look. So if you noticed I only wore one side of the overalls on my shoulder, the other side I just left it hang loose again for a more casual look. But it would still look as cute if you wore both shoulders!

If you have jeans overalls, you can wear a solid color top underneath and paired it with a hat and a cross body purse and you my friend will look awesome with such an effortless look.

I hope this helps you next time you pull out an old piece of clothing in your closet! Be creative with it 🙂

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Love Linh