Something Blue

river 7
{Set: LookBook Store} {Purse: Kate Spade} {Sandals: DSW}

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Hello! I know I was supposed to put this outfit up a while ago but I got side tracks with my other main outfits! My apologies!

So this outfit is definitely a long overdue since my friends were in town and I just recently moved to California so it was literally my first time at Santa Monica Beach. That whole weekend I kept going back to the beach and got so burnt! But it was such a fun experience seeing so many people and riding bikes along the beach. It was amazing!

I figured this outfit would be perfect for the beach. I love that it is a set, I bought it from http://www.lookbookstore.co . The fabric is super light so perfect for beach weather. Lately, I have been into crop tops and high-rise shorts/skirts! They go so great together because you don’t show so much of your tummy, it shows the right amount and it makes it so cute/sexy! My favorite part about this set are the pockets on the shorts.

I had my phone out every 5 seconds to take pictures and it is such a hassle pulling it in and out of my purse so the pockets are so handy!

Anyway, my week is super busy with so many different sessions and I am networking with so many people at this conference for work!

So tonight, I went to Disneyland and watched the fireworks and let me tell you it was AMAZING! It is the 60th anniversary for Disney so the fireworks was just phenomenal! After that, I participated in karaoke. It was so much fun! But extremely embarrassing because it was a live one with a band and you had to read the words off of a book and I am not used to that! I need the words on the screen so I can follow the words. It was also live with a band so they like to add their style into it, and lastly, I could not hear myself! So I sung Don’t Stop Believing by Journey and I am sure I messed up a great song! But it was really funny and fun since I got out of my comfort zone!

On that note, I hope you all are having a great week! I am so excited for my first Halloween event in California! Can’t wait to show you all my Halloween outfit! What are you guys going to be?

Love Linh 🙂