Traveling Dress

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Hey guys! I decided to share this post today because well it’s Friday! and if you have nothing better to do and just want to look at pictures all night then read my blog.

I know there are some of you like me out there who literally sit at home on a Friday night surfing the web because you just want to relax after a long week of work or whatever it is.

So here goes, I am going to start slowly changing my blog, so if you notice I have a tab named “Shopping” this will be where I post my wish list for the month of different clothing items I want or even beauty things aka make up. It will also have items that I like while browsing different clothing websites and for you guys, it could benefit you to shop my style 🙂 or just shop in general! I do all the leg work and you just click and buy. So if you are wondering, I am not getting paid for advertising this. I really just want to have a new thing to my blog and hopefully you guys like it!

That’s enough of an update, I have so many new things going on in my life but that can wait till the next blog 🙂 Lets dive into this outfit.

This dress actually belongs to my best friend, how it came into my outfit is another story. So when I used to live in Virginia, I would come back to DC once in a while and never pack night out clothing, so I would always have to go through her closet, well most of her things fits me but she somehow outgrown me in the chest department 🙁 she wouldn’t share the love. haha Anyway, this dress came up and it was literally one of the dresses that would fit me perfectly and her chest can no longer fit in it. Shoe loaned it to me for the night and I ended up taking it as my own. I think it deserved a blog post, I consider this dress as “The Traveling Dress” it has a meaning behind it for those of you who are around my age or so remember the books and movies about Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants.

I love that this dress fit so perfectly on me, sometimes I think it is tiger stripes and sometimes zebra but either way, it is lovely. This is a perfect dress to go out with your girls at night or just with friends in general if you guys like the night life. I would definitely recommend paring this color dress with silver jewelries to add some sparkles. So enough of my talking I will let the dress do the talking. I hope you guys enjoy your friday night and weekend! Stay tuned for more.

Love Linh