{Lace top and Shorts: Forever 21} {Tube Top: Charlotte Russe} {Cross body bag: Kate Spades}

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riverHey guys! Happy sunday! I hope you guys are having a great weekend. I’ve been a busy bee this weekend, it has been so long since I feel like I have a weekend to myself at home instead of going out and traveling. I caught on on some sleep and definitely cleaned around the house. So last weekend when I did a spontaneous trip to DC to see my family and friends, it was so much fun! I needed family time and definitely missed being around my friends. Ever since moving to California, lately I’ve been feeling home sick because of being so far away from everyone and everything that is familiar. While in DC, I ate so much yummy home cooked meals. I also did something that I have been talking about for so long with my best friend. While I was getting my hair done, I had this urge, so I texted my best friend “let’s go get our tattoo!” 🙂

Anyway, let’s get into this outfit. California weather has been so great but lately at night time it has been getting a little chilly at night. However, it does not stop me from wearing shorts! I really love putting this outfit together. I honestly love these jeans shorts, they are not too tight, they are just the right fit and not too long or too short. It is just about right. Lately, I have been into loose shorts instead of tight shorts. The way I look at it, more room to move around and it is so casual for you to wear it to just about anywhere. So I paired these shorts with a nude lace top, it has long sleeves but perfect for a breezy weather. I wore a black tube top underneath the lace top and kept this outfit simple by adding a gold long necklace and a leopard cross body bag from Kate Spades. I thought this outfit would be great with black wedges. I hope you guys like this outfit as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Love Linh