Navy Pearl

Happy Thursday everyone! So I thought I wrote a blog about this outfit already but I guess I never did. This was one of the outfit that I had 3 different combinations on how to wear a white dress. So since it is thursday and as we all know, Throwback Thursday is the best day to do these things.

So with this outfit I wanted to make the look as classy as possible but at the same time girly. I also love the cool colors combo with the navy blue and magenta/pink whatever you want to call it. This white dress is actually a strapless dress but that is the best part about it! It can be layered with a crop top to give the illusion that it is a skirt.



What I like to do is when I am layering a white dress, I want a solid top that is a darker shade to bring out the outfit more so you’re not totally washed out by the outfit. Also, I used to work for Abercrombie & Fitch so everything was literally navy blue and white so I guess that contributed to my choice of colors for this outfit.


The outfit was cute enough but I wanted something more settled, so in picking magenta heels to match with the Michael Kors purse also had a pop of magenta in it. It was just right! You can never go wrong with mixing cool colors together 🙂


The accessories I kept it to a minimum since I wanted the attention to go towards the colors for this outfit, I wore two necklaces, one is pearl that is short enough to cut along the top and one thin longer necklace that is also magenta color diamond in the middle to bring attention to my neck. Last but not least, if you know me, you know that I love dangling earrings and of course it gives the illusion of a longer neck/face.


So this shoot was fun and I love natural lighting which my boyfriend is getting great at mastering it which helps because I do not know how to use photoshop to edit my pictures so here are more untouched pictured!