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{Dress: Burlington} {Heels: DSW} {Jewelry: Charlotte Russe}

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Hey loves! happy saturday! Before anything, I must warn you to keep reading to the end and find out my gift to each and everyone of you! Trust me you don’t want to miss out! A free month of ….. Stay tuned!

I have lots of plan for the weekend and the week because I have a friend visiting from out of town. I am going back to the beach because I just love being at the beach all the time, do some tourist things like walking at the walk of fame! So many fun adventures awaits 🙂

So can you believe that it is October already?! Where did the time go? It is getting closer to the holidays and I think I will start to miss the cold weather and the snow since I am no longer living in the east coast. Also, my birthday is 2 months away! So not ready for that! I want to stay young forever!

Anyway, lets get into this outfit. As a petite person, I never though I can pull off long dresses and lately, I have been obsessing over the long dresses because they make everything look so elegant! So for future posts, get excited because you will see many more!

My favorite part about this dress is the fact that it is has 2 layers, the inside is a short dress and layering on the outside is a see through pattern almost like lace on top of solid fabric. I also love that it has two slits down on both sides, the slits were too short so I made them a little longer to show off more of my legs because being so petite I didn’t want to have the dress look like took over my body! This dress would be great for a summer wedding or even a spring wedding. The color coral is perfect for these occasions.  Oh and get this! It was affordable! I went to Burlington Coat Factory and I got curious to see in the women’s section to see what they have, the color stood out to me and so I grabbed it and tried it on without thinking and I fell in love with it right away. It is so simple but it is just perfect.

I paired this dress with gold sparkly heels to add glamour to the outfit, I also paired it with gold jewelry because I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with gold!

On that note, as I promised from the last blog, I have a surprise for you guys! Welllll are you ready??

I just received Rocksbox jewelry and let me tell you the items are super adorable and lovely! I cannot wait to wear the pieces I received in the mail! But I do want you guys to experience it also, so here’s my gift to you, if you go to their page https://www.rocksbox.com and signed up using my code: xcapewithlinhxoxo – you will get a free month membership and during that month you can get hand picked personalized to your style jewelry delivered to you right at your front door! Why not give it a try before you buy??Find out more on their website! Go enjoy it! Let me know what you think!

Love, Linh

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