River Flows In You

{Romper: Forever 21} {Heels: DSW}


river 7 river1 river2 river3 river4

I am still slowly recovering from my fever on Weds, but I am doing a lot better now, thank you guys for all the love you are giving me on instagram! Much appreciated it!

Let’s dive into this new outfit! Back to rompers, this piece is stunning itself and no effort needed to put in this outfit since it is very colorful and one of my favorite thing about is the lace! I wanted a summery look and this romper gave it all to me. So with a colorful romper or any colorful outfits, you can pick your heels by selecting one color that stand out from your outfit, with this one I wanted to wear white heels to just make the outfit lighter. I did pick Aqua color earrings since that stood out to me from the romper.

This romper is super light weight and it feels silky and soft on your body. Definitely great for those hot summer days!

One more thing before I go, anyone from LA is a photographer for fashion bloggers? I would love to do collaborations!

oh here is a little secret about this photoshoot! It was adventurous! The rocks I am sitting on is in the middle of a river and my photographer Jared had to help me jump from one rock to another and let me tell you at was scary since I am petite and jumping on rocks, hoping I wouldn’t fall in the water because that would ruin the photoshoot. But in the end we did it and it was so much fun!