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Happy Friday! I get super excited when it’s Friday because that means the weekend is finally here!

Lately I’ve been extremely busy with work, but instead of staying in on weekends to catch up on sleep, I tried to stay productive and did more exploring. Specifically, I went on another hike at Runyon Canyon last weekend! For those who live in the LA area, did you know the trail will be closed for a few months as it undergoes maintenance? The hike was quite lovely, surrounded by the amazing view of the city with the clear blue skies above. I was able to go home with sun-kissed skin.

I ended my weekend watching Kobe Bryant play his last season with the Lakers. It was my first NBA game so I was pretty stoked. With that being said, let’s dive into this outfit!

Let me take you back to my San Francisco trip. This was my second stop before I checked into my hotel. I went to the Conservatory of Flowers and figured this outfit would go great with all the beautiful, vibrant colors around me. I also wanted to make this outfit really simple with a splash of color. I wore a black body suit with an open back. As we all know, an open back is extremely appealing! I paired it with a white skirt, since the body suit was fitted and hugged my curves. I wanted the skirt to flow with the idea of a fun, flirty look. I love that the outfit was so simple yet flirty. I added color to my outfit by putting on my blue lace-up flats and carrying an orange cross-body bag. I didn’t really think much about the specific colors because my outfit was black and white, so any vibrant colors would be have been a great match!

The Conservatory of Flowers was so pretty! There were so many colorful flowers and eye-catching plants! Something about being surrounded by nature made me feel alive! It was such a nice day to be there; bright, sunny weather accompanied by the soft breeze. I felt at peace while observing the flowers in their natural habitat. Even the architecture was beautiful! So if you’re looking for a relaxing day with your family or even with your significant other, this would be a great place to go to. You can bring your pet(s), sit/lay out on the green grass, or you can even go by yourself. You can listen to music, read a book, and just enjoy the view. There were so many people enjoying each other’s company. It is such a happy place to be and I’m definitely thinking of going back!

The reason why I really like flowers is because they are extremely delicate yet so beautiful with a multitude of personalities. To me they are the symbol of life. Flowers will live as long as you take care of them, look after them, and treat them with love and care so they are able to bloom and shine just like your mind, body, and soul. Like taking care of a blooming flower, you must take care of yourself in all aspects to allow yourself to grow into the person you want to be. Start from the inside so you can let your light shine and inspire others to do so.

A topic I would like to discuss today is believing and accepting yourself for who you are, inside and out. I believe that you are your worst critic but at the same time your biggest fan. I am consistently hard on myself because I know I can always do better. My biggest problem is that I am never satisfied with my accomplishments. That is one of my many flaws, and I’ve tried for so many years to not let that be the source of my happiness. I’m sure most of you can agree with me on this. There are days when you look at yourself and wish you could change something about yourself; whether it’s the color of your hair, your eyes or being taller or skinnier. Then you start going into this deep black hole and comparing yourself to your friends, to people in magazines, and wishing you could be like them. You always want a better job, a better car, better clothes, etc. As you continue to despair about your flaws and limitations, you forget how fortunate you are just to be there, living and experiencing the wonderful intricacies of life. At the end of the day your reality is shaped by how you perceive it. So we all have to learn to appreciate and accept ourselves for who we are and believe that we are every bit as worthy to enjoy whatever life has to offer.

Growing up, I’ve always felt like an outsider because I’m a petite person and I have freckles. Kids in my class would always pick on me because I didn’t look like them. People would put me down and say that I wasn’t pretty enough to be a model because I was too short and too skinny. Eventually, I’ve learned to not let what people say stop me from appreciating who I am. I’ve accepted that I am a petite person but that doesn’t stop me from going after what I want to do. I’ve accepted that my freckles are part of me; they give me personality and it’s definitely a unique thing to have because I was born with them. Being different doesn’t mean you are wrong or lesser than, it just means you are unique and that should be celebrated.

Besides accepting myself for looking different, I’ve also learned that believing in myself helped me achieve my personal and professional goals. As long as I can remember, my parents would always tell me to get good grades in school, then get a job so I can take care of myself. Growing up, our family didn’t have much. But one thing I’ve learned from my parents was hard work pays off. However, I never believed in myself and was never satisfied with what I do because I was constantly thinking someone else out there was way better than me and I will never be good enough. So with those thoughts in my head, I worried a lot about my future and could never relax. Throughout the years, I’ve learned to turn those thoughts into positivity, even though admittedly, I still have days where I think I am not good enough. Instead of focusing on not being good enough, I focus that energy into my work and my goals. I believe that if I put enough effort towards my goals, the results will come. Just like what my lacrosse coach said to me in high school, don’t worry about the scoreboard, focus on mastering what you do on the field and the scores will follow. I apply this to everything that I do in life because you can do so much more when you accept who you are and believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, then who else would? So guys, start investing in yourself and fight for yourself with everything you have because in the end it will pay off! And trust me, you’ll be a lot happier once you learn to accept you for you.

Till next time my loves,


{Bodysuit: BooHoo}

{Skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch}

{Flats: Ivanka Trump Shoes}

{Bag: Kate Spades}

{Sunglasses: Maui Jim}

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