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A Little More Personal

Yayyy! It’s Friday! 9 more days ’til Christmas! I seriously cannot believe how fast it has been! Another year has gone by and we are all one year older and wiser! (I hope that’s the case for me).

So if you are wondering why my hair is darker, I can explain! lol I totally forgot about this shoot that I did back in the east coast a few months ago! This was my first day going back to darker hair. I apologize but better late than never right? I did this shoot in Richmond, VA, the city I call my home because I spent a memorable 6 years attending college and working there. My friends are all there! So being back home felt amazing! I also met new people while catching up with old friends. The weather was a little gloomy with a light breeze that day, but honestly, I thought it was perfect for this look. I wore Wet Seal; I used to shop there so often before Forever 21. But one day Wet Seal disappeared! I was devastated but eventually moved on.

However, now that they are back, I couldn’t help but do a shoot with these items I got from them! The kimono with the fringe caught my eyes as soon as I saw it! The way it flows and how relaxed it looks was just perfect with this bodycon midi olive green dress from them as well. I’ll let you in on a secret! This dress is actually long! It’s passed my knees. But for this look I wanted to make it more playful, the trick with bodycon dresses like this, you can pull it up and make it into a shorter dress! Plus it is very useful for us petite ladies not being stuck in a short dress! I love the color of this dress so much that I really wanted to keep this outfit as simple as possible. I used very minimal jewelry and wore white egg wash colored heels. The material of my outfit is extremely soft and light to wear! I can’t wait to wear more Wet Seal clothing now that they are back in business!

As you can see in these pictures, I know many of you are now just finding out I have little tats on my body. So I figured this post could be a little about me and the meaning behind two of my tattoos.

Let me start off by saying that I am not trying to make you sad or anything with what I am about to share with you all. This time of year is all about miracle, love, and happiness even though there are sad things happening around us. But it is up to us to determine how we feel and look at things, and I choose to look at things in a positive light even when times are tough!

So at this time of the year last year, it was my first Christmas in Los Angeles. I had a giant Christmas tree (my first real one that I cut down), there was no snow on the ground. Nothing about LA made me felt like Christmas besides being in my studio apt with my cat and my giant tree! I didn’t go home to the east coast because I had no vacation time at work. So long story short, I was pretty bummed out that it was Christmas and I didn’t get to share it with my loved ones.

I have to say last year was pretty tough for me and I think I am finally ready to talk about it. Around Halloween time, I went through a bad break up and it made it even worse because it was a long distance relationship for a little bit because I moved across the country. Long story short the breakup happened. After the breakup, I was under lots of stress and about a month or so after, I found out I had a couple of lumps in my left breast. I didn’t want to go see a doctor because I was afraid of what the outcome would be. It took me one month to finally go to the doctor because it was bothering me so much.

I was under so much stress and I was really scared. So I hoped for the best and went to see the doctor. First I was told it was abnormal results so I went through a biopsy and found out that it wasn’t cancerous at this time but it is unknown for what it could be so I will always have to do regular follow ups. So with that being said, I was in a very bad place for a little bit because I was in denial of what was happening to myself. I couldn’t understand why and how it happened. Until this day I am still not okay with it because I am living with it, and occasionally I have to deal with the pain. I didn’t want to go through surgery because there’s a chance the lumps would grow back and surgery could cause deforming of my breast.

Eventually, I knew it was time to get myself out of the state I was in. I decided to look at all the positive things in my life. That was when I decided I would go forward with my tattoo ideas that I’ve wanted to get for a very long time. I needed to do something to push myself out of that state of mind. I wasn’t afraid of the pain because I already had my first one. I was more nervous about getting two pieces done at the same time.

The one on my wrist is a forward arrow, it symbolizes moving forward and that is exactly what I did, and I moved on and decided to take life as it is. Live to the fullest and do what I want and what made me happy instead of worrying about what others thought of me. For the longest time, I found myself putting others first instead of my own needs and I became someone I didn’t like. I wasn’t happy. But after everything that happened last winter, I have changed how I live my life and learned to love and accept myself for better or worse.

The breast cancer ribbon I got on my shoulder is something I hold dear to my heart. I knew someone who lost her battle against breast cancer. And I admire all the women out there who are survivors and the ones who are fighting it head strong. Those women are true heroes. Just me getting a glimpse of it almost scared me to death. This tattoo is a reminder to myself why I need to always fight and show my support for the cause.

So this holiday season, I will be spending my time with loved ones because life is short. Why not do what makes you happy! Don’t hold back on anything. And most importantly, always fight for yourself and what you believe in!

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  • Miki

    Linh, this is such a lovely post. Thanks for being so open about your move. I had such a hard time when I got to LA. I really knew no one. For someone who is extroverted, I really struggled for many months, but I buried myself in work to keep myself busy. It’s amazing how bad stress can affect the body. I’m glad you’re in a happier place and hope you had an amazing holiday!


  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    Dear Linh,
    Your post really touched me deep and I’m glad we get to express thoughts and emotions on our blogs that aren’t superficial nor fashion related. After all, we are human beings behind these beautiful pictures with lives to live and they’re not all fun and glorious. I’m really sad to hear about your breakup, especially as I’m still dealing with heartache from my breakup over a year ago, but even about the lumps you found. However, on the bright side, you actually are seeing what is positive in life and know where to set limits. That’s very important and I think you’ve found your place in this world just by finding out your self value. Always love yourself as we do!
    Merry Christmas babe!

  • Danielle

    Such a lovely post, thank you for being brave enough to open up about it! It’s so hard to talk about hard times in our lives, whether they are in the past or the present, but I truly do think it helps to know you have support!

    xx, Danielle | Pineapple & Prosecco

  • Bryanna

    Wow, thanks so much for sharing Sydney! That’s such a scary thing to go through and I can somewhat relate. My dad had the same deal with skin cancer. He had it on his lip from the sun and didn’t follow up till it got really bad. I also feel you on the long distance aspect. My boyfriend is away in Oklahoma (I’m in Cincinnati) and he will not be able to come home for Christmas. I know it’s not the same thing, but I just wanted to let you know I can relate on some level. I absolutely love the messages behind your tattoos and I’m so glad you are doing so much better! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

    xoxo Bryanna | Coming in Clutch

  • Sharon Wu

    I love how honest and open you are in all your blog posts Linh! My girls have their moments and give me scares here and there too especially near my period time but I’ve started to get used to it… sorta haha. I love these photos of you — the hunter green is just perfect for the holidays! xo, sharon


  • Atsuna Matsui

    The stories behind your tattoos are so cute! I think the meaning behind each tattoo is what makes them interesting and really depict a time in your life. I’ve actually been thinking about getting one on my collarbone as of late. I just love the placement and I would love to put some words in cursive there. Still thinking what would be the perfect words to place there.

  • Lucy Hernandez

    Oh gosh this was so touching to read. I’ve lost so many loved ones to cancer and it’s so unfair. So glad you finally got it checked out and that you are healthy. And thank you for sharing such a personal journey. Xo

  • Yasmin

    This turned out to have a positive ending. Wishing you lots of healthy and happy times to come. Love that you have cemented your new attitude with these lovely tattoos. I learned that you’re a fighter and that’s such a great quality to have!

    xx Yasmin
    Bangles & Bungalows

  • Marcy

    Thanks for sharing and opening with us babe!!! Im so sorry to hear about the breast cancer and how you struggle babe but i’m also glad you were able to move on share such a personal post with us. You are right life is short and we need to live it the fullest.
    LOVE your new hair color and the look.


  • Samantha Mariko

    I’m so sorry you had to go through a hard time.. that’s so scary when you think there’s a chance you’ll have cancer.. I appreciate the symbolism in your tattoos and theyre really cute too!

  • Darci

    Thanks for sharing such a personal post, loved reading it all girl. You’re so brave, sorry you had to go through all that! I recently went through a long distance break up as well so I know how that feels. Now you make me want to get a new tattoo! Love this look as well girl, xo!

  • Christine Kong

    Wow such a personal post and thank you for sharing this story with us and being so open. I love hearing personal stories and what makes people who they are. I am sorry to hear you had such a rough year but you turned it around and made the choice to be happy and move forward. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and I know how awful it could be. I’m glad you went to the doctor to check it out. You look amazing and all of your posts are so well thought and inspiring. Keep up the incredible work! Xoxo, Christine

  • Jennifer

    Very meaningful post. You’re a strong person and I applaud you for everything you’ve been through this year. 2017 will be an awesome year for you. Keep it up and always smile. 🙂

  • Jo

    I’m happy to hear you will be able to spend this holiday season with your family! You’re so right, life is short, and we must live life to the fullest and never take anything for granted. I wish for your continued good health and happiness 🙂

    xoxo, Jo

  • Kusum

    Awww so sorry you had to deal with so much love, but glad to know you have taken it in your stride and moved on! Love the story and meaning behind your tattoos. You look gorgeous in the outfit, such a great color on you!!
    xx, Kusum

  • Stephanie

    Well first of all, you know I love these photos more than most because they’re from my home!! This was such a fun afternoon – meeting you in person! You looked gorgeous!
    On a more serious note, I’m really grateful that you shared your story, as challenging as it might have been to be real about it all. You’ve gone through a lot in the past year, but you’re overcoming those difficulties on the daily, and that’s something to be proud of. Those tattoos are definitely a reminder of where you’ve been but also where you’re going. You rock, girlfriend!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  • Jordan Chapman

    I love how personal this post is! It’s nice to see you open up on your blog about your tattoos and your clothing choices. My mom had breast cancer so I really do get where you’re coming from when it comes to your choice not to have the full surgery. You’re very brave to open up about it on the blog and it’s nice to hear your story!
    Jordan xx

  • Mariann Yip

    Thank you for sharing this! I love your meaning behind your tattoo. I have one behind my neck that not a lot of people know. Your outfit and hair are gorgeous in those pictures!

  • Helen Chik

    Oh girl I am so sorry to hear about your break up for one and two your breast cancer scare. Well done for writing this post; being strong and sharing this with the world is hard and I admire YOU for doing so young lady! Keep you head up and at the risk of sounding really cheesy – it’s only up from here!!

    Sending you love from Sydney xx

    Helen xx