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It’s Friday once again! This week has been crazy with the elections on Tuesday. So time to cool down and get back to our normal routine! With that being said let’s dive into this post about what the word fierce means to me.

Being fierce is another important characteristic you should always have! When you hear the word fierce, what does it means to you? To me being fierce is all about confidence, knowing what you want, being independent, and “boss lady” or “boss man” haha


I’ll let you in on a secret: it took me some years to find myself, and actually be confident in my own skin. In my younger days, I didn’t have self-confidence because I always felt different and singled out. I didn’t look like everyone around me, I didn’t speak the same language, my name is spelled differently, etc. At one point, I was ashamed of my culture because that was not the norm around me when I moved to America at the age of seven. Throughout the years, I’ve developed my confidence in myself, found out what works for me such as my style, my appearance, and my personality. I learned that being different gave me more confidence in myself because I didn’t want to be the same. And being different made me stand out from the crowd.



I was a shy person. I was never this outgoing so I knew I had to do something to fix this issue. I tried out for cheerleading with my best friend in the 7th grade and stuck with it throughout high school. Because I was petite, I became a flyer, and it literally put me at the center of attention when we performed stunts. My personality eventually shined through, I was forced to perform in front of hundreds of strangers. Cheering was such a big part of my life. It was the beginning of my bubbly personality. Additionally, I joined JROTC (I know what you guys are thinking, it is the opposite of cheering) but being part of JROTC forced me to come out of my shell, I was forced to be loud by being a captain (so now imagine a petite girl calling commands to a group of people) it’s a funny image if you ask me. I had to go to competitions just like cheering, but it was serious and not preppy like being a cheerleader because there were drill sergeants judging your performance on how sharp and clean your routine is.



On top of that, I also played lacrosse throughout college. I guess you can say I am an athlete and I like to be active. Just like cheering and JROTC, lacrosse also was a great addition to my life. I had great teammates who I can call family. Get this, I was the smallest person in the team (who am I kidding, I am the smallest on every team I participate in even now). Being so small and playing a sport that required me to score goals, be fast, and compete with other girls who were twice my size was definitely a challenge. But I did not let that stop me from doing what I enjoyed. Whenever we were at a game, I’ve always overheard the other team underestimating my skills and their words were that I am small; they didn’t need to worry about me. Instead of taking it offensively, I took it as a challenge to prove to them that they were wrong.



Those three activities presented me with great experiences growing up. In cheerleading, I’ve learned to not be shy, I’ve learned to put myself out there, and be outgoing. Hence why I am now described as a “happy go lucky” person and have a “bubbly” personality. I love meeting people and I am not shy to be the first to strike up a conversation! (Plus it helps gets rid of the awkward silence) With JROTC, I’ve learned to make decisions faster and be clear about what I want, so that helped me discipline myself into the person that I am today.


I’ve been living on my own since I was 17 years old, I’ve learned to be independent and rely on myself for a living. I’ve constantly thrown myself into work, whether it was part-time jobs throughout college, unpaid internships, and/or full-time jobs. All of this was to plan for my future. I’m not always going to be sure where my future will take me, but I do always try to have backup plans in case one doesn’t work out. After different trial and errors, I am clearer about what I want in life for myself now, whom I date, friendships I make etc. Lastly, lacrosse taught me to trust and believe in myself, and to never let others break my spirit. With all of those valuable lessons that I’ve learned so far in my life, I am thankful for each, and every one of them, even the bad ones. They have taught me to be a stronger person with tougher skin. What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger! I always remind myself that my scars are just battle wounds that remind me that I’m still alive!



The most important lesson I’ve learned so far is to be fierce no matter what comes at you! So when it comes to fashion, my personality shows through my style. I would typically wear this outfit out on a night out with the gals or my group (guys and gals) clubbing or to bars. With that type of environment, I always aim to dress sexy and fiercely. I love wearing lacy tops out and especially this one that I found at Victoria’s Secret! I love how simple, and comfortable this crop bralette is, the lace is more than enough. I kept this outfit very simple to keep the focus on the bralette. With crop tops, I love wearing high waist shorts because I think showing an inch or two of your waistline is very sexy.  High waist shorts also make your legs appear longer. The space between your crop top and your high waist shorts/pants/skirt  also gives you more of a curvy look. Lastly, I always love wearing a necklace with a heart shaped top; you can either wear a statement necklace or just a simple necklace. Sometimes, if you wear a statement necklace, you don’t want to overdo it by wearing statement earrings, but it depends on the outfit and what environment you are in. With this look, I wore statement earrings because it’s a night out outfit. I completed this look with simple stackable gold rings, baby pink cross-body bag for some colors and black heels. Voila! Now all you need is to own this outfit when you head out!


I hope you guys know that you guys are all fierce in your own ways! I’d love to hear about what being fierce means to you and what makes you the person you are today below. Also, share with me your favorite night out outfit! Remember, always bet on yourself no matter what! You know yourself best. 

Till next time loves,


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