Who Said Office Job Can’t Be Fun?


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{Dress: Forever 21} {Heels: DSW}

Hey guys so for today’s blog I wanted to focus on my work outfits and how I make it fun to dress for an office job. My style has grown throughout the years, my style is a mixture of everything, it can be girly, it can be sporty, it can be glamorous, sophisticated etc. That all depends on my mood and the environment I am in.

I have a full time corporate job and when you think of that, what fashion style comes to your mind? Suits, blazers, pants, black, white, grey. Am I right? to me that seems so boring, and too serious. So to break it down, my closet consist of 2 main themes. One is my bubbly, girly self that just likes to have fun and the second theme is sophisticated but yet glamorous enough for an office job and my age. So who said dressing up for work has to be boring?

{Blazer: H&M} {Top:Macy’s} {Skirt: Forever 21} {Heels: DSW}

I love colors because it makes me happy and alive looking at it. So with my work outfits, I tend to keep the colors on the warm and cooler side such as navy blue, nude, tan, red, plaid (black & white). I am a petite person so it is very hard to find clothes that would fit me in all the right places, many of my clothes need to be altered because it is either too long or too wide. It makes it hard to look for cute clothes to wear to work. However, I didn’t let that stop me!

{Dress/Cardigan: Forever 21} {Heels: Aldo}

I know one thing I love the most are dresses, and skirts! My first tip when it comes to work clothes, you don’t want to ever show too much skin, you want to keep it classy and sophisticated. So with skirts and dresses, they should not be too short.

{Dress:Charlotte Russe} {Heels: Charles & Keith} {Necklace: Macy’s}

If you are conservative and not a fan of wearing dresses and skirts then you can wear slacks, high waist slacks are super cute especially if you pair it with a bold color top that you can tuck in the slacks. With high waist slacks, it gives the illusion that you have longer legs so that is a loophole for being vertically challenged!.Or you can wear skinny slacks that cuts off at your ankle and pair it with a nice pair of heels! In my opinion, this look makes me look taller and it shows off your gorgeous heels!

If you want to be more girly, you can stick with dresses & skirts. This is what I tend to wear 95% of the time because it is just my preference since it is more comfortable for me to wear while sitting in an office all day. Even if it gets cold, you can add cute stockings to wear with your dresses/skirts and you will still be warm. You can also wear a dress with ankle boots. Dresses/skirts are so easy to wear with just about anything.

{Dress: Forever 21} {Necklace: Macy’s} {Flats: Michael Kors}

So spice up your work outfit with bold colors, big statement necklaces, different type of shoes (flats, heels, boots). Oh also, a watch is a great accessory for your outfit, not only does it make you look sophisticated, it does add some glamour to your outfit.

{Dress: H&M} {Necklace: Charlotte Russe} {Watch: Michael Kors} {Heels: DSW} {Earrings: Macy’s}

Here are some places I shop at for my work clothes- Express, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21(many cute dresses and office clothes), H&M(they have great office clothes and it is affordable), I also shop at Limited (they have a store for petite people which is great).

{Dress: Forever 21}

Here are some of my casual Fridays look as well <3

{Cardigan: Abercrombie & Fitch} {Blouse: H&M} {Flats: Ralph Lauren}
{Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch} {Top: Macy’s} {Shoes: TOMS}
{Necklace: Macy’s} {Top: Express} {Jeans: A&F} {Sandals: DSW}

So tell me what do you guys wear to work?

Love Linh,

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