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What I love most about traveling is being able to see such amazing and breathtaking views. What do you love the most about traveling? I know we all have that fire and desire in our heart to travel and see the world! I know I do.

This was my last stop coming back from San Diego to go home. I stopped by the Hearst Castle for a quick tour. Honestly, I had no idea it even existed but after the tour I had, I will never forget. It is definitely an unforgettable place. I was with great company and it was just so magical!

Do you remember the time you when you were younger and always thought how cool it would be like to live in a castle and be royal? Well take it from me, this tour made you feel like you are living in that childhood dream. The castle was high up on the mountain away from city lights and noise. All you had was the beautiful ocean view.

I arrived at the bottom of the castle and all the guests were driven up to the castle on a bus. During the ride up to the castle, we saw wild animals just like you would see in the jungle. They were all in their own natural habitat. It was such an incredible experience to see that. I went at the perfect hour! I call it the golden hour like most of you know that is when the sun is setting and it is the perfect hour to capture beautiful photos. This castle was so big that if you left your tour group and explore yourself, you may get lost. At least I did because I was so mesmerized by everything. Everywhere I turned, my eyes couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The architecture, the art, the history, the view, it was all so beautiful (that is understatement).

The tour guide was great, he took us around the castle and told us amazing stories and advised us what we would be doing as guest back in the day would do when they were invited to stay at the castle. It was surreal. So if you guys ever have the chance to visit the Hearst Castle, I would suggest you doing so because it is so worth it! I would love to go back again and this time actually stay there!

With being at a castle, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear for this photoshoot. Castle to me means royal, and fairytale. A maxi gown is my number one choice. I love this maxi gown because when I was wearing it, I felt like I was living in a fairytale myself. The dress was so elegant that when a soft breeze came by it lifted the skirt gently creating a great shot for this photoshoot. Let me know if you’ve been to the Hearst Castle and if so, what was your experience?

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