The Minimalist Guide


Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was actually very productive and at the same time very relaxing. I took a small break from IG, you probably wouldn’t notice but to me it was a break. I wasn’t on my phone much and just hung out with my loved ones, actually went out and explored nightlife in Los Angeles, something I haven’t done in a very long time! Nonetheless, it was really fun to change things up once in a while!

Speaking of changing things up, I have been trying to donate my clothes & other items and will be selling clothing online as well! So keep an eye out if you are interested in my style! Most of my outfits are pretty much brand new. I have only worn them once or twice for shoots and outings. I have a different set of wardrobe that I wear to work and it’s been a constant rotation with them. I have a Poshmark account but I’m not very active with it; however, I discovered a new website that might work better for me! It is called thredUP. Anyone heard of it? Apparently they send you a bag and you can stuff whatever items you want to sell and they will sell it for you! It definitely beats the hassle of selling it yourself. Of course, there’s always a commission for them but I am okay with that because I am so busy, I don’t have enough time to actually sell the items myself! I’ll keep you posted about my account once I start it. What’s better than making some extra cash while cleaning out your closet!


I came to realize that I have too many clothes and too many things that I don’t necessarily use and all they do is sit there collecting dust. Do you guys feel that way about your stuff? I noticed I only wear certain items in my closet and they are usually my favorite clothing items, the rest of them are just there taking up space! I am sure someone will take care of them and wear them out rather than me letting it sit inside for months. I also find that it feels good to clean your closet up at least once a year! Something about getting rid of things you don’t need feels good. It is like getting rid of your bad habits or your exes! Haha! I also feel lighter knowing I have fewer belongings. Being a minimalist is actually hard for me, my roommate calls me a hoarder because I just have way too many things that I don’t use. I love having extra stuff just in case I run out; I wouldn’t have to go to the store to get it. My apartment can easily become a bomb shelter. Seriously guys, it is like I have my own department store in my apartment and it is a problem!

Have you guys seen the movie Leap Year? For those who love chick flicks and romantic comedy, this is your movie to watch. Anyway, the reason I ask is because there is one part of the movie that I really love the most. It is about a woman who traveled across country on leap year to propose to her boyfriend and in the midst of all of that, she ran into a guy that asked her “if your house was burning, and you had 60 seconds, what would you grab?” I wouldn’t spoil the movie for you guys, but I will definitely talk in more details about the moral of this movie on my next post. But for now, I thought about that question myself and realized that I am so attached to my things that if I had 60 seconds before my apt burned down, I honestly wouldn’t know where to began because I have way too many things! So with that being said, I need to slowly work on becoming a minimalist. It will be very tough to do so, but the first step is to walk into my closet and take those items that I no longer wear off of its hanger and put it in a box to donate or sell. My first three boxes full of clothing were donated last weekend. I will have plenty more to clean out, but I must say, it feels amazing to let go of unneeded things. For those who are willing to do the same I have listed some ideas as to how you can start removing clutter from your house down to the things you only need.dreamcloset4-e1411006886973

Let’s start with your closet! So for those who just want to make it a fast process, I have a great solution for you.

  1. Dedicate a day or at least 2-5 hours of your day to this. Clear your schedule and make sure you have no distractions.
  2. Have a great playlist to keep you company while you are decluttering this mess!
  3. Take all your clothing in the closet, and dump them onto your bed! (yup you heard me, dump them all on your bed!) Add your shoes, accessories, etc. (those who are neat freaks like me, you’ll have no choice but to clean it before bedtime, or else you’d be in sleeping in bed with all your stuff! Good luck.
  4. Start by going through your items and put them into piles, the love pile (the items that you absolutely adore and wear all the time), the lust pile (the items that you want to keep but not sure why), the donate pile (the items that no longer fits you) and lastly the trash pile (the items that are way too old and/or in poor condition).
  5. Now, this is the hard part but the best part, don’t think about it, and go with your first thought and start putting these items into the pile.

Trust me, you are doing a great thing, almost there! Once you are done, take a break, I am sure you are tired, but if not, keep going!


Go to your lust pile; try those items on and again first thought with how you feel about them. Ask yourself, if you will wear these items in the next few weeks? Few months? If the answer is no, throw it into the donate or trash pile! Don’t look back.

Once that is done, you can finally put all your clothing back in your closet! Lastly, one last step that will help you maintain your closet throughout the year.

Keep all your hangers turned inside in one direction, turn them around once you wear it and leave it that way, at the end of the month, take another look at your closet and take the items that remained turned inside out. Start dividing them into piles again! If you keep doing this, trust me, you will become a minimalist soon enough.

I cannot wait to have an organized closet with things I actually use! Tell me below what you do to declutter your closet/household? Maybe I can learn a thing or two.

Till next time,

Love Linh