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Wow. Can you believe it that it is almost the end of November??? Where did this month go? I am seriously trying to prolong this month so that I don’t turn 25, but whom am I kidding? That is impossible to do so because time will never wait for us. Talking about November, where are you guys from and what is the weather like where you are? I live in Los Angeles, CA and I can assure you that it does not feel like November! This is coming from a girl that lived in the East Coast all her life. November is not the weather where I can spend time in a bikini on the beach. At this time of the year in the east coast, I am definitely all bundled up and inside the house watching holiday movies, and drinking hot chocolate because it may be about 31 degrees out and snowing at some point. photo-oct-01-4-06-48-am

However, I do not miss the cold weather and would not trade it for anything except for two days out of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Being in California, it doesn’t feel like the holiday is right around the corner. Such an odd feeling and I don’t think I will ever get use to it. With that being said, I hope you all enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. I will too do the same, but in the meantime, I am definitely going to take advantage of the nice weather and head off to the beach to maintain my sun-kissed skin!photo-oct-01-4-30-47-am

How do you guys feel about polda dots bikini? I got this red polka dots bikini from Adore Me and I love it so much! I have always wanted a vintage/retro bikini because growing up; I remember my mom would always wear bikinis with similar cuts like this. I would always want to wear her bikinis but I was too small to fit them. But I think after seeing my mom in such cute bathing suits, my love for these styles begins.photo-oct-01-4-00-16-am photo-oct-01-4-30-10-am

Some call this style the Hollywood style because I know we’ve all seen Marilyn, Audrey, Grace, or Elizabeth wearing them. Can’t blame them for wearing it because they look stunning in the suits! Whenever I come across one, I feel like I am back in the 50’s! I love the high-waist bottom and the heart shape top. Not only that they come in cute patterns, cuts, and colors, they are very flattering for just about any body types!photo-oct-01-4-25-19-am

If you think about it, styles do come back after a while. To me, I have never considered this style out of style because the retro and vintage look of these bathing suits was the beginning of all bathing suits in my opinion. They are so flattering and elegant! It also made me realized that bathing suits have changed so much throughout the years. In my opinion, it became more revealing! I am not saying that it is bad that our generation of bikinis is more revealing than the ones back in the days. They are all flattering and unique in their own way. But it is always nice to bring back the vintage style at the beach.photo-oct-01-4-31-47-am

Another thing why I love this style is because I used to watch Gossip Girl. If you do, then we should be bestfriends because I have seen the whole entire series six times. If you have not, we should still be bestfriends and watch this show together! So the character Blair Waldorf, she is very strong will, sassy, funny, and loving character. Her mom is a fashion designer and has her own line. I cannot tell you how much I love this show and it isn’t just because there was lots of drama and revenge. It was because I love the fashion that each character portrait especially Blair’s style. Her style is classy, colorful and vintage. I will never forget that bathing suit she wore when they went to the Hamilton for the summer. It was a white one piece, with yellow sunflowers and green leaves on them. In case you are wondering who designed the suit, it is from Salvatore Ferragamo’s brand.photo-oct-01-4-21-51-am

I have always had a thing for vintage clothing! I love that the style is classy and elegant. Who doesn’t?photo-oct-01-4-25-05-am photo-oct-01-4-32-26-am

There are so many different styles back in the days such as the necklines, the cuts and the patterns on these suits. Some are even one piece, which we call it the body suits now. Some of us even wear it out with a pair of jeans, shorts, or a skirt over it! Do you guys have a favorite style of bathing suits that you like? A particular pattern that you adore?photo-oct-01-4-31-30-am photo-oct-01-4-12-13-am

So with this post, I want you guys to go back in time with me to shop these retro and vintage suits! Here area few that I absolutely adore and would love to have a collection of these retro vintage swimwear! Let me know what you think below! Have a great weekend loves!

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