Suit It Up

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Hey guys, hope you all are having a great weekend! I apologized for the late post! It has been a hectic month already! I celebrated my 24th birthday over the weekend and did many cool things such as cutting down my first real Christmas tree! However, I could not have done it without a friend to help me. I also attended 2 holiday parties so far for work so it has been fun and busy at the same time.  I look forward to many more fun adventures in the near future. As for now, let’s talk about this jumpsuit!

As you all know, but I will say it again: D I have a petite figure and many clothing will not fit me the right way and one of is a jumpsuit. But lately I have been into long dresses and jumpsuits just because I believe if tall people can pull it off, I can and will pull it off! I believe it is all about confidence in what you wear so wear what makes you happy! I bought this jumpsuit from Forever 21, when I saw it online on the model, she was tall and it looks amazing on her! So I really wanted to wear it. The material is soft and light. Although the legs were too long on me, the top fits me perfectly! I of course hem the legs so that I am not dragging it along the side walk when I am wearing it. That would be bad!


I love the fact that this jumpsuit is black, you can never go wrong with that color when it comes to choosing the right outfit to wear. I also love the neckline and the slit in the middle because it is shear fabric giving you a sophisticated and mysterious look! Definitely not too flashy if you ask me, it is just perfect. To complete this outfit, I paired it with gold jewelries. Who doesn’t love black and gold combination?! To add a little attitude to this jumpsuit, I used my leopard clutch from Kate Spade and finally the ankle strap heels.

This outfit is a perfect casual outfit for an evening out or you can dress it down by putting on flats for a brunch date!

Love Linh