She’s a Flame

“Looks like a girl, but she’s a flame”

Happy Sunday! I know I have been keeping you guys waiting for this blog post to come up but I finally have about 20 minutes to myself before I head out to attend a friend’s wedding!

So let’s dive in! Spring has arrived and to tell you the truth I am not happy about that because I have terrible allergies. My nose is stuffy, my eyes are always red and watery šŸ™ no matter how much medication I take for allergiesā€¦It would’t go away! Btw. There are cherry blossoms everywhere! So beautiful, yet so cruel to me.

So with this outfit, I was inspired by the song Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys. The song speaks to me and it makes me feel extremely powerful. So with this look I went with a red jumpsuit! I am super petite if you cannot tell, everything is either too big or too long on me. But this this jumpsuit it fits perfectly! I love it that it doesn’t make me feel too short even though it covers my whole entire body! My favorite thing about this piece is the strapless part, it shows off your shoulder and it has a V cut plunge to add more sexy, feminine look to it.

I love wearing red because it goes great with my skin tone and just about anyone would look good in red because it is a very bold color and makes everything sexier! I love the fact that the jumpsuit has a loose tie that drapes down my waist creaking a thiner and longer illusion (this is a plus since I am short :D). Tell me what you think about this outfit. Does it make you want to rock a jumpsuit now? I know I do!

{Jacket: H&M} {Jumpsuit: Forever 21} {Jewelry: Charlotte Russe} {Watch: Michael Kors} {Heels: DSW}










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