Pretty in Pink

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{Pink Top: Forever 21} {Body Suit: Target} {Skirt: Forever 21} {Shoes: Aldo}

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Let me start off with this quote – “Pink isn’t just a color, its an attitude!”

How’s everyone week going? I hope it is going well. I had such an amazing weekend with my friends from Virginia. Since I’ve moved to Los Angeles, I have not been able to go out often like I should because I wanted time to settle myself in with the apartment and the new city. Everything was so strange at first but I am slowly falling in love with the city and California itself. There’s so much to explore! Even though I feel so small in such a big city, but I love the fact that it is filled with many hopes and dreams just like mine. I hope to someday be apart of the fashion industry. So I thank you all for your support! You guys are the reasons why I refused to give up on this dream. I will always continue to strive for the best and I have so much to learn!

That is all my rambling for the day 🙂 lets get into this outfit.

I love lace and cannot say it enough. It is so feminine and sexy at the same time especially if it is PINK! I like how the color is so bright and vibrant because it brings out my fair skin tone and definitely will not wash me out. My favorite thing about this top is that it is see through so you can pretty much wear whatever you want underneath. I wore a black strapless bodysuit underneath which gives me a double neckline. The bodysuit under gave out a sexy appeal due to the heart shape neckline, and leaving the top of my chest and arms showing underneath the pink lace is just the perfect amount of skin to add to the sexy appeal. I really like this top not just because it is a lace top, it is very comfy and as you can tell breathable for a hot day.

If I was going out at night, I would wear a black skirt, either a pencil black skirt to show off your curves or a flared skirt to really make it flirty!

However, I was going out in the day time and wanted to keep it bright, so I paired it with a tannish skirt, this skirt has two pockets on the side and I just love anything that has pockets in them since I tend to not like keeping my phone in my purse, it is just not convenient to reach when needed so a pocket on your skirt? Why not?! I also love the fact that the skirt has a little puff on the sides of your hips because that will help a petite person like me to look like we have more curves and a nice our glass shape! It is amazing what the right outfit would do.

To finish this outfit, I of course love to match so my heels had to be the same color has my top and lastly to spice this pink outfit up, I wore a small leopard side body clutch.

Sorry I didn’t get enough picture of this outfit as I should because I was such in a rush that day going to an event so I was only able to snap a couple in the same spot 🙁 so excuse that and hope you all understand!

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Love Linh