Mix and Match!

{Crop Top/Cardigan: Forever 21} {Belt & Dress: Abercrombie & Fitch} {Heels: DSW}

Hey guys! I know I promised to put this look up a while ago and life just happened to get in the way! So I am so sorry it is late, however, if you keep up with my instagram then you are up to date with my outfits! These past couple of weeks has been hectic! I have been traveling all over the country and no time to stop to blog :(. My boyfriend moved to another state for the year and so I now will not have a photographer for a while, hopefully, this is temporarily lol and not long term! I love his the pictures he takes for me, and I am sure you all would agree!



Anyway, before he left we did take pictures of a couple outfits to spare me lol So be patient and you will get to see them! Apologize in advance, we did not travel far nor to different locations to take these pictures because we were on
a time crunch, but hey! I think the outfit is more important!

So with this look, I wanted to show you guys that with a simple white dress I was able to create many different combinations on how to style it.

First combination — I mixed and match textures and prints with this outfit, I had on a navy blue lace top to create an illusion that I only had on a white skirt. I then wore a sleeveless thin beige and navy blue stripes cardigan over the outfit and to complete the look making the skirt poof out, I tied a brown belt on my waist and paired it with brown laced heels. I did not want to go over the top with jewelry because I wanted attention to the outfit itself, a simple heart long necklace to spice up the top will do.

What’s your favorite thing about this look?