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Happy Tuesday babes! Hope you all had a great weekend! This past weekend has been such an amazing weekend for me :); I went back to DC to see my family and friends. Oh and of course pampered myself at a salon. I went a little darker, kept some highlights to make the transition easier for my hair to grow longer. I spent the weekend eating lots of Vietnamese food in honor of Vietnamese New Years! Much needed sleep after this weekend but I am so glad I got to see everyone and a little but of snow!

Anyway, let’s go back to last weekend when I went to Manhattan Beach to watch the sunset before I went to Costa Mesa to meet up with friends to go watch a dance competition “Vibe”. The beach was so pretty! The sunset was amazing! I love the area because it gives off a small town vibe with many different shops that you can walk around to explore. It is a nice area for a date night or family night.

Besides exploring the beach, I went to The Halal Guys for lunch the next day in Costa Mesa and hands down it is delicious! I got the Halal classic with extra gyro and hot sauce. Warning, if you can’t handle spicy, don’t get extra hot sauce because it is spicy! However, it was well worth it!

Then finally, the best event of the weekend was watching the dance competition! If you guys watched or know of America’s Best Dance Crew then this competition was extremely similar! Different people from all over the country and world came to perform! It was extremely inspiring just to see how creative people can be. Everyone did such a great job putting on an amazing show to watch! It was well worth it standing outside in the cold, rainy weather (I know, California weather was acting up that day) for about 4 hours since it was not reserved seats! My group had 15 people so we all had to run and look for good seats to watch the show. Lastly, my biggest highlight of the day was being able to meet and take picture with Detrix. For those who don’t know who he is, he was one of the judges for America’s Best Dance Crew, and he is also famous on making silly videos on YouTube and most importantly, he is an amazing dancer.

I am so glad I got experience such an amazing weekend! I packed super light for that weekend; comfy but cute clothing I would say. For this outfit, I wore a Minnie Mouse top I bought from Disneyland, the back details are so cute, and I couldn’t help myself. The big bow and the fact that it shows off a little bit of your back is a combination of cute and sexy at the same time. I wore this top with jean shorts to keep it simple. I wanted to add more details to my back so I wore a bra I bought from Victoria Secrets, I am starting to like a lot of their new bras lately, they all have such pretty back details that makes it so much easier pairing with a backless top! I completed this look with a red Kate Spade cross-body bag because I figured a pop of red will never hurt especially if you are wearing darker shades such as black. Plus it matches with Minnie Mouse in my opinion :). Lastly, my favorite pair of flats I recently bought from Nordstrom, they are Ivanka Trump flats. They are stylish and comfortable! What’s better than that in a pair of shoes? I love that they have long strings that you can wrap around your ankles to create a ballerina look. I also love that they are pointed flats! It gives you a slimmer look. Where would you wear this outfit?

Love Linh,