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Hey guys! I trust that you all had a fantastic long weekend celebrating July 4th with your loved ones! This year was my first year celebrating this great American holiday in California. I typically celebrate in DC watching fireworks by the water with my best friend. However, this year the tradition had to change!

I spent majority of my day in Malibu taking photos for you all. The day started off very gloomy and a little chilly, I was kind of disappointed because I didn’t think the pictures would turn out good due to the overcast skies. But I did not let that stop me. I continued with the shoot and waited for the sun to come back out. So I apologize in advance if my pictures may have different colors! You can tell that the weather was not in my favor during this shoot. Although, some shots did turn out great, so I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed doing this shoot.

I did not get to watch fireworks this year because I was studying; however, some of my wonderful friends were nice enough to snap chat me beautiful fireworks! Even though I was not able to watch it in person, I still enjoyed watching the festivities through Snapchat.

With this shoot, I knew I wanted an outfit from head to toe to be the American Flag, so how I came about this outfit was awesome. I went to a food market in downtown LA. After eating so much food, I decided to go shopping at American Apparel. I was not expecting to buy anything because I typically don’t wear this brand for some odd reason. I discovered that they carry my size! As I walked into the store, I noticed this one piece and immediately could picture it on me with high-waisted shorts. As I walked around the store with this one piece in my hand, I saw the high-waisted shorts and it happened to be my size, the only one left on the rack! I could not be happier how this all came together! I knew it was meant to be.

I love this one piece not just because it is perfect for the holiday but because it is super comfortable. It fits me in all the right places! I love that the front has a deep neckline to show off your cleavage and in the back, it almost looks like a heart shape cut. I felt so sexy in this one piece. Who knew a once piece could do so much. The denim shorts are awesome! This was my first high-waisted denim shorts, I love the color of this denim. I love the way it fits me and most importantly, it’s not too tight! The material is thick and feels like high quality denim. So if you are looking for a simple outfit but compliments your figure, I suggest shopping at American Apparel! They have my vote now!

Besides my whole outfit from American Apparel, I styled it with very simple gold jewelry. The rings were from Aldo, the necklaces were from Forever 21. Lastly, I am wearing Kylie’s matte lipstick (Mary Jo). I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with it. It lasted the whole day and did not leave any lipstick residue on my glasses when drinking water. My stunning eyewear are from Tory Burch.

Let me know what you guys wore for July 4th! Till next year for another American flag outfit!