Hey loves! Thanks for stopping by for this new post. As I promised on my IG that I would have a new post after I catch up on Vampire Diaries! So here it is. Shall we?

You might be wondering why I call this post “Lumière”, when I did this photoshoot and now looking at the pictures all I saw was bright, peaceful, serenity, etc. I thought by making it sound more appealing by going with a french word!
Here’s a secret that most of you don’t know about me. I have a little french in me! Most of my pictures doesn’t show my freckles but I have them if you look closely.
This year, I have been stocking up on sweaters and my closet seems to be getting smaller and smaller because sweaters are taking over! What I love most about winter is being cozy because it is sweater weather! This white sweater was actually my mom’s and I couldn’t help myself but to ask her for it. White in the winter reminds me of snow and when I have white on it makes me feel innocent, pure and delicate like a flower 🙂
I hope this makes you want to get into your favorite sweater and sit around with hot chocolate on a cold night. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Make sure you visit my IG and click like!
“Beauty is sincerity.There are so many different ways someone can be beautiful.”
“Be yourself. There is no one better.”