Keep Me Where the Light Is

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Hey loves, I hope your weekend is going well. It was been a long week and I am so happy I got to sleep in this morning! What are your plans this weekend? I think I am just going to stay in and relax to take some time to myself. So last weekend, I went to Malibu beach and the Dew Point, it was amazing! I saw seals swimming around, laying around and just enjoying their lives. It was a great experience to just see how beautiful nature can be. Although I am extremely afraid to get into the water but it was so beautiful. The wind was blowing like crazy but I didn’t mind it that much!even though I had so much sand in my shoes & mouth haha! (see below) I sat there enjoying my view and just took a breather to myself and appreciated what I have in life. I am at a point in my life right now searching for who I am and who I want to be and it was one of those days, I felt lost but found in peace because nature can do that to you. So just remember, when you are having one of those darkest days, surround yourself with people you love, go on a hike and just look afar and the light will shine.

Besides the update of my life, Thanksgiving is here next week! So I hope you all have a wonderful time wherever you are and whoever you are with because thanksgiving is all about appreciation, giving and being thankful for what you have.

Let’s dive into this outfit! I have been obsessing over long dresses and considering how petite I am, I honestly never thought they would look good on me, one because they are long and I am the opposite of long. However, honestly, I think petite people can pull long dresses off just as well as tall people can. You just have to find the right ones to wear. Since I am a petite figure, I usually tend to buy slimmer long dresses, I try not to get the dresses that are only up to my ankles because they will make me even shorter, so with a slimmer and longer dress to the ground, it gives off the illusion that you are taller because it connects from the top of your body to the bottom of your body.

I love the fact that this dress is so light weighted and it was so simple yet elegant at the same time. It showed off your back and one thing about backless dress is that they are extremely sexy. Showing off your back if like a big necklace statement but even better! In the front, everything is covered except for the sides of my ribs. There is also two slits down on both sides of your legs just to show off those beautiful legs of yours. I paired this black dress with black and gold ankle strap heels. Since I wanted to spice up the outfit and bring attention to the front of my dress, I wore two different gold necklaces, when doing so, always wear a shorter one and a longer one. It gives out an amazing look.

I also thought this look would look so great with a hat because they it is the fall and hats are in the season! Something about long dresses and hats makes me so giddy because they are two great combination! I usually don’t like hats but that is what fashion is all about! Stepping out of your comfort zone.

Speaking of comfort zone, I reached out to a photographer in LA area Daniel and he was awesome. I honestly love his pictures and how they turned out. He was extremely helpful and I learned a thing or two at the end of our shoot. Definitely will be using him again!

Enjoy my pictures from Malibu below! & shop my look!

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Dress: Lookbookstore.com
Heels: www.dsw.com
Hat: Santa Monica hat stand 🙂
Jewelry: Charlotte Russe