Happy Sunday my loves! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! Time is really flying because it is almost the end of January.

I started watching a new show call “Younger”; it is extremely funny and cute. It’s about a recently divorced woman who’s in her 40s, a single mother. She lost track of who she is through out her marriage and now she has to get back to the real world. However, millennials took over the work force. Long story short, she got a make over and is pretending to be in her twenties to finally land a job. On top of that, she is dating a 26 years old tattoo artist. She is pretty much redoing her twenties!

So recently, I’ve realized many things such as I am only going to be in my twenties for a couple more years and next thing I know it I will be 30, 40 etc. therefore, I’ve realized I can’t waste anymore time thinking what if, why and how things happened the way they did and start living my life so I don’t have to redo my twenties when I get older. Yes, life sometimes feels like it is punishing us and not going the way we planned. But I am starting to think more about the good things that are happening in my life and appreciating them. It is all about mind control, being positive will only create positivity in your life!

A huge recent positive thing in my life is that I made a decision to move to California to start a new chapter in my life. Now that I am here, I’ve been trying to balance a real full time job with my blogging and aspiration in modeling on the side. I’ve also made so many plans in the next month to travel in different cities and places I’ve never seen before. This is my time to be selfish to myself. So for what it’s worth, I hope that you guys can take one thing from today’s blog, like I said on my post on Instagram – Always remember to always bet on yourself no matter what. Here’s a motivational quote that I really like “Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”

With that being said, let’s talk fashion! This dress fell into my lap from a coworker back in the east coast because she said it would look so good on me if I wore it. Well she’s right! I love how this dress perfectly compliments me. When I put this dress on, I felt so girly! My favorite part of this dress has to be the fact that it is an open back. Ladies, if you really want people to do a double take while you are strutting your thing, a simple dress showing off your back is the key! Some would of never think “my back is a sexy feature”, but it is! You noticed that when you wear clothes, your back is always covered unless you live in Hawaii and you are always in a bikini! Your back is usually hiding so therefore, when you have a backless dress or top, people tend to look because it isn’t something they are often that is exposed. Also, your back has a sexy arch and some has dimples on their backs. Who doesn’t like looking at that!?

I also love the skirt on this dress! It is silky, soft, and lightweight, perfect for a day at the beach or if you want, dress it up like me and take this dress on a date night. It is such a simple dress but it will leave you with endless comments. The skirt is a triangle skirt so it also shows off your side legs the way it falls and that is also extremely attractive in my book! I kept the jewelry to a minimum on this outfit since I wanted the dress to do all the talking. I paired it with gold dangling earrings and black/gold ankle strap heels. Lastly, to complete this look, a pop of red lipstick! The red lipstick brings out your face and draws lots of attention so keep your eye makeup to a minimum! We don’t want to overdo it  but if you are not feeling bold and daring, wear a lighter shade of lipstick! Can’t go wrong with a nude or light pink shade on your lips! I just preferred a bold red look.

Lastly, I recently created an account on Lookbook! So for those of you that have it, let’s fans each other! Find me at “xcapewithlinh”.

Let me know what you guys think about this outfit and what you all would do differently. I’d love to know how you guys would style this and where you would go with it.

Love Linh, till next time! I can’t wait to show you my new concepts and ideas soon!