How I Survive Indian Summer


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Happy Friday everyone! Who’s here is from the west coast like I am? If you are, are you guys enjoying this Indian Summer?! And for those in the east coast, I hope you guys are enjoying the rainy weather you’ve been getting lately. Share some with us Californians!

It’s almost October, and I’m definitely going to start getting into the holiday spirit. I’m originally from the east coast where we actually have snowy winters. Here in sunny California, it can feel a little weird knowing that I won’t be covered in snow this Christmas! Especially now that we are experiencing the Indian Summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love sunny weather but it can be harmful to you if you’re not careful. The weather is so dry it can damage your skin. The heat just causes all kinds of problems.

I figured I would share with you all three things I do to make sure my skin is taken care of during these warm months.

1. As much as I like having a tan, sun damage can cause your skin to look unhealthy. So make sure you guys take care of that beautiful skin of yours in this weather. To avoid having dry skin, I make sure I use lotion after I shower, and if I am outside in the sun doing photoshoots, running errands, or going on a hike, I make sure to wear lots of sun block! Trust me, you may not see the damage now but as you get older you will thank yourself for taking the proper steps to keep your skin looking young and pretty.

2. With the heat on full blast, your body will need lots of water to function properly. I make sure I drink plenty of water throughout the day even if I am indoors. I work a desk job during the day, and sometimes I get too lazy to get up to walk around and get water. To make sure I drink enough water, I bought a tumbler that holds 24oz of water each fill. I love having fruits in my water, but I also often add lemon for added flavor and a boost of vitamin C! I keep myself accountable to drink about 4 full tumblers everyday at work. I feel less bloated and more energized when my body is hydrated. I am also active, so when I go to the gym, I sweat a lot of the water weight out. Keeping my body hydrated also helps me put in a great workout.

3. Here’s another thing, my hair feels so dry and frizzy in this weather. Does that happen to you guys? To avoid this, I leave my conditioner in longer than I would normally do. I let the conditioner soak in for a good 5 minutes before I rinse it off. After washing my hair, I use a heat thermal spray to protect my hair from the blow dryer. I also add lots of oil to keep my hair shiny, soft and not frizzy!

Even though I only listed three things, there are plenty of other ways to deal with this weather and take care of yourself to make sure you are healthy! Share with me some things that you guys do below 🙂 I would love to read them and maybe learn a thing or two.

Since this warm weather is relentless, I stick with wearing dresses all year round. You will only catch me in jeans when it is cold outside or during night time. Other than that, I love dresses and shorts because they are not constricting.

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Till next time,

Love Linh