I’m So Into You


Happy Friday! Can you believe it’s November already?! Where did the time go?? Part of me is happy because the holidays are coming and part of me isn’t because I am turning 25 in exactly a month from today. I remember being young and wanting to grow up but now that I am older, I don’t want to get older! Getting older comes with more responsibilities such as bills, work, relationships, etc. So today I want to talk about relationships. It can either be an exciting or a touchy topic; it depends on how you guys look at it.

So here’s my first question: when you are in a committed relationship, whether you are dating, boyfriend/girldfriend, engaged, or married, do you sometimes feel like things are not as fun as they used to be like the cupcake stage? Don’t be shy! I’m not judging here! I can sure tell you I have those moments here and there because a relationship tends to become a routine just like my daily routine, I wake up, I go to work, I go to the gym, blog, eat, shower, sleep and repeat. A relationship can be the same way, and don’t get me wrong, nothing is wrong with a stable routine, but to some, it does get repetitive and boring. Like me, I am the type of person who craves adventure and excitement because my life is such a routine. So a little excitement doesn’t hurt!


Being in a relationship isn’t all fun and rainbows everyday because fights and disagreements are inevitable especially when you pass that cupcake stage; I call this the 6 months mark. By that time, I am pretty sure you are pretty comfortable around each other and have figured out each other’s habits. Especially if you live together and see each other everyday, things can tend to get bland. I know we’ve all felt this way and that is okay. This is normal! At least speaking from my experience. Just like The Powerpuff Girls ingredients “sugar, spice, and everything nice” haha a healthy relationship is made of many different ingredients. It is all about the work that you both contribute to better the relationship everyday.

A relationship is also another full time job. And at one point or another, someone will try less than the other because life gets in the way and we start to take each other for granted. That is still no excuse to slack on your partner. Trust me, I’ve been there, and I’ve concluded most relationships don’t work out because of dishonesty, lack of sparks, lack of trying, lack of communication and the list goes on, but you get the point. I can’t tell you how to fix everything because I am no expert! However, I’ve come up with a list of ideas to do for you and your significant other to make sure you guys don’t get stuck in the monotony of everyday! Your relationship should be filled with fun, exciting experiences to create memories together. This is what will bring you two closer and keep the sparks alive.



Idea #1 – Creating a bucket list (in this case in a jar to make it more fun)

  1. Get a clear glass or plastic jar & decorate it however you want!
  2. Write down ideas separately on a square piece of paper such as events, places you want to travel to, restaurants you want to try, movies you want to see, etc. this is your bucket list together so it can be anything and everything.
  3. Fold them up and drop it in the jar
  4. Mix them up and take turns picking out an idea from the jar
  5. Plan to make those ideas a reality and go experience it together! Then Repeat!



Idea #2 – For you wanderers out there who are busy but still love to travel

  1. Get 12 envelopes; each envelope will represent a month out of the year. Label them.
  2. Put down 12 destinations on separate piece of papers that you want to travel to. It could be a city that is 2 hours away, or a country that is across the world.
  3. To be spontaneous, mix them up and start putting them one by one randomly into the envelopes.
  4. Beginning of each month, open that month’s envelop up and make the trip happen during that month!
  5. Happy traveling!


Idea #3 – Date night! Have a designated date night once a week or once every two weeks! I prefer Fridays! After a long week of work, all I want to do is relax and spend quality time, so what’s better than a date night on a Friday!? Here are some ideas for your date nights.

  1. Get a couple’s massage
  2. Go watch a movie
  3. Cook dinner together or take a cooking class
  4. Catch up on Netflix while eating a tub of ice cream
  5. Stay up all night – remember in the beginning of your relationship, how you two would spend wee hours at night/early morning just texting, or on the phone? Try to replicate those nights by talking, go out for a stroll, dancing etc.
  6. Go dancing! Or take a dance class
  7. Go to a winery
  8. Do a restaurant by picking an area with lots of restaurants and just restaurant hop just like bar hopping.
  9. Do some stargazing
  10. Mini golf, bowling, skating, etc.


With those ideas, you guys sure will never get bored of each other! Making those memories are the best gifts you can give to one and another. So with that being said, I will end this post with some tips that we all can do everyday to make sure we are putting in our best efforts in our relationship.

  1. Make time for each other to have quality time
  2. Put your phones/laptops away and just be there with each other
  3. Open Communication and listen to each other!
  4. Don’t disrespect & be understanding
  5. Write love notes
  6. Appreciate one another
  7. Support each others’ dreams and goals
  8. Trust and give lots of love and affections
  9. Put your pride aside
  10. Take care of yourself both inside and out. Your relationship cannot be success if you don’t feel good about yourself.


Hope you all enjoyed this post! I’d love to hear your thoughts and what do you guys do to keep your relationships going whether it was past experience or current!

Till next time! Love, Linh