I’m Feelin’ 23!

Hey guys, so i just recently turned 23 and it feels so surreal… I can’t believe I am getting older because it felt just like yesterday I was in high school wishing I was old enough to get into bars and now that I am.. and I am working in the real world, it makes me want to go back to high school! Things back then were so much easier, especially, because you don’t have to be responsible for your own bills!

However, as I get older, I feel wiser and I know many other people would think I am crazy for thinking 23 is old. But it is to me. I’m at that awkward age where my friends are getting engaged and some are just wanting to get drunk! I am neither! I go to work and I go home too tired to wanting to get dressed up to go out lol I act like an old lady most of the time now. I know…it is sad but hey, what do you expect when you work 8+ hours a day!

So about this photoshoot, I had a different image in mind of how I wanted my pictures to turn out. I wanted lots of balloons and #23 balloons. Well, I got those but if you look lol none of my photos have the #23 balloons in them is because they flew AWAY! I was super upset and sad that one I didn’t get a picture with them and I just saw my money flying away (because I bought it about 20 mins ago), the wind was super high where I was standing so everything was tangled! But thanks to my lovely photographer/boyfriend, he made the day better by making me laugh and he caught many beautiful moments of me laughing. Enjoy!

“Promise me you’ll never stop dreaming”