How I Started


Happy Monday loves!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! This blog post will be a little different since it isn’t my usual fashion post. Like I mentioned from my last post, I will be doing some changes to the blog that will hopefully include variety! So here is the first one. I am so happy to finally share with you all how I started blogging. As I do get these questions often, I myself have also asked or still ask others how they got started.

I have to admit, starting a blog is really no joke. At first, I really thought it was just something that I can just start doing, Oh boy, was I wrong! It takes lots and lots of planning and creativity. Most importantly, BE ORGANIZED! That is definitely something I learned the hard way. It took me years to finally start my blog. I was very nervous about starting one, I didn’t know what to talk about, how to make it catchy for my viewers, what kind of audience I want to attract, and so on. None of this was finalized and my biggest fear was that “What if no one would read my blog?” I was afraid of failure!

Every time I got close to starting one, I ended up backing out and pushed the deadline to another day. Days went by, weeks went by and months went by, I started realizing I was just procrastinating and this blog gig will not appear on its own. At the time, I followed and still do follow many successful bloggers on my social media. And one day, after reading their stories or seeing how they are, motivated me to finally push that button and I went for it in full gear! 

I did research on how to start a blog and I read so many articles to try to help guide me on what I needed to do. I was so lost and overwhelmed at the time. But it didn’t stop me, for some reason, I had so much energy and motivation in myself to finally make this happen and be committed. So here’s a few steps to help guide you guys and hope this will help you if you are thinking of starting one! I am no expert, but these are the steps I took when I starting one.  If you already have a blog, I would love to hear what made you start yours! Leave a comment below!

1. Take out a paper and pen, start writing down thoughts and ideas of what you want your blog to be about. Make a drawing board with it! It helps!
2. Ask yourself, what kind of audience do I want to attract?
3. Think of a name for your blog & social media platforms.
4. Draw out a design of what you want your site to look like.
5. There are plenty of free hosting websites that you can use to create a website if you want to give this blogging out a try before actually committing to it instead of paying for a host and your own domain. I started off using http://www.blogger.com
6. Find yourself a good camera to take pictures with.
7. The first post of your blog should be an introduction about yourself and what you are hoping to achieve with this blog.
8. Start writing and be creative.
9. Be organized! Make a schedule for yourself and make sure to keep up with it.

Starting a blog isn’t too hard, the hard part is keeping up with it and trust me, you will make many mistakes along the way, but you will learn from them. Till this day, I still have trouble keeping up with my blog and I still make plenty of mistakes. Think of this as your baby and you are creating a brand for yourself. So get out there and start blogging! I have no regrets in my decision two years ago for starting this blog. I am still learning every day because this is what I love doing. Lastly, always have fun! 

Till next time,

Love Linh