How Boho and I Met

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Good morning beautiful people! How was your weekend? I decided to relax this weekend by staying inside to catch up on sleep and do personal chores like cleaning my apartment. It can get a little messy when I get distracted with work and blogging. So it was nice to relax at home and catch up.

I have also put some thought into my blogging, and I think it is about time for me to add something new. I will start posting my shopping wish list on my blog for those of you who want to shop my style! As you all know most of my posts right now are about motivational topics and challenges I go through everyday. I will continue to do that, but I will also incorporate blogs about my travel adventures, including food destinations I discovered here in California. My blog will now have a variety of things instead of just my clothes! I am very excited to start this new transition, so I ask that you all be patient with me while I work on adding a few changes!

So with that being said, let’s dive right into this outfit. I must tell you that most of my outfits are never really thought out in advance, like this one for example. I was strolling around in Pasadena and decided to stop at Forever 21 (my favorite store) to see if they have anything that I may be interested in. Honestly, I’ve never really had any hope in finding anything in stores because for some odd reason, I can only find my size online!

As I walked around, I noticed a crochet top that I have always wanted, and there it was in the corner calling to me! I had no doubt I needed to buy this crochet top. I didn’t know what I would want to wear with this top with, but I wanted to create a boho look. I kept walking and got lost in all the clothes they had in the store. In the middle of all this walking, I noticed a pair of shorts that had the same color as the design on the crochet top. At that moment, I knew they were meant to be.

To complete this look I wore a black hat, with minimal jewelry such as my earrings are feather with gold chains. It went so well with this look, I had no choice but to take this shoot to the beach. The materials of this outfit are super light weight and breathable! The little pom poms on the shorts are just adorable if you ask me. One of my favorite things to wear besides dresses are crop tops and high-waisted shorts. Being a petite person, the high-waisted shorts made my legs look longer. So if you are petite, this outfit will favor you! If you are not, trust me this outfit will look great on you no matter what.

Lastly, I need a favor from you all. Leave a comment down below and ask me a question or a topic that you would like me to talk about! I want my blog to be a place where you and I could interact and discuss topics, whether it is an advice you need about life, about relationships, or about what to wear. Whatever it is, know that this is a safe zone! Let’s interact!

Till next time love,


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I am unable to find the same shorts but I managed to find similar patterns!