Holiday Shopping With Izzy

Omg. Five more days until Christmas! Can you believe it!? Where did the time go? I’ve been so busy this year, I didn’t realize we are literally at the end of the year. I guess time flies when you’re having fun right? However, I hate to admit but I’ve been slacking with Christmas presents! Usually I would be on top of presents for my loved ones and coworkers. But this year, being that I am so busy, I barely had time to actually be creative with presents!

So if you’re like me, you are probably running around and scrambling for what to get for your loved ones. Props to you if you’re all done with your shopping! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been to the mall, and omg I don’t expect any less, but it amazes me how packed the mall is at this time of the year. I guess people can’t resist the great deals!

But I sure love shopping online more than anything to avoid the crowd! So this year I have been struggling on what to buy for secret Santa and white elephant gifts! But I found my solution! Amazon! and other websites such as Shutterfly because I love personalized gifts! 

Who doesn’t love shopping online!? Super convenient if you ask me. I tend to get lost shopping on Amazon because they have so many cool items that would make a great gifts for secret Santa and white elephant gifts. Shutterfly is really nice if you are a sentimental person and loves pictures.

On Amazon, shopping for holiday gifts, they even make it better by sorting it out in categories for you too! On Shutterfly, you can pick where you want to print your photos on such as a mug, a canvas, a calendar. Just like the pictures you are looking at of my cat Izzy and the beautiful stainless steal travel mug with her pictures all over it! My roommates and I did secret Santa this year and one of them gave me this mug and I cannot tell you how much I love it! If you know me, anything with cats especially if it involves Izzy, I am all for it.

So here’s a list I’ve put together in case you guys are struggling to find the perfect gift for those occasions. All are under $100 USD! If not, these items are cool to look at too! 

  1. Stainless Steal Travel Mug
  2. Google Cardboard – closest thing to the real Virtual Reality. But so much cheaper. I have one, trust me it is so cool!
  3. Tile Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder. – for those who can’t keep track of their belongings like me. 
  4. Kendra Scott Elle Drop Earrings – can’t go wrong with jewelry especially if they are Kendra Scott!
  5. Jack Spade Men’s Embossed Anchor – Wallet 
  6. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera
  7. Ukulele – who doesn’t want this cute thing?! New hobby anyone?
  8. Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool – 8 kitchen tools all combined in one
  9. Wide Angle Camera Len
  10. Custom Ryan Gosling Pillow Case – if you know me, I have quiet an obsession with Ryan Gosling so this would be a perfect gift in my opinion lol I hope you all have an amazing holiday with your loved ones! Drink lots of hot chocolate, sing lots of Christmas songs and watch lots of Christmas movies! I cannot wait!!

Happy Holidays!

Love, Linh & Izzy

**Izzy was paid with lots of treats for this photoshoot 🙂 meowww