Holiday Fever


Hi all! Did you guys have a good weekend? As usual I try to take advantage of the weekend to take a break from my work life and blogging life to relax and have some me time. Since it is November, I am starting to feel the holiday fever. This is the time of the year where I enjoy and look forward to the most! I love the feeling of the holiday season; I love the colors, the music (some people may say I overplay the music but I never think it is enough), the spirit and how warm and happy it makes me feel. Don’t you?

Growing up, Thanksgiving and Christmas were never big with my family. I believe it was the cultural difference. However, as I got older, I made it a big deal to celebrate those holidays with my family. I would be the one who cooks everything, and knowing that everyone enjoyed my cooking was enough to bring me joy! I would celebrate it with my family and I would also have Friendsgiving and Secret Santa with my close friends. As you can see, just like most of you all, I have my own tradition.


However, since I’ve moved to California, the holidays have been different. Last year was my first year in a new city by myself, and I have to admit it was tough! I was missing everything and everyone because my family and friends are all back in the east coast. It is hard being away from family at this time of year so I try to make the most of it. Last year I didn’t go home because tickets are super pricey around this time of year. Instead, I got myself my first real Christmas tree to decorate in my small studio apartment. Now that I have roommates and made some new friendships, this year I will start a new Friendsgiving and secret Santa here in California.


Even though I moved to a new state, it doesn’t mean I have to stop doing what I love doing around the holidays. I realized that just because my old tradition is no longer here, doesn’t mean I cant’ start a new one to make new memories! Another thing I miss being in California when Christmas comes around is having a white Christmas. I miss the snow only during the holiday season! I love the weather here but when Christmas rolls around, it doesn’t feel like it without the snow. So for this year, I will continue to decorate just like I do every year! I also plan to try to find fake snow spray to put on my windows to make up for the lack of snow outside on Christmas haha


Another thing I do is that I usually make hot chocolate, wrap and unwrap presents, and watch lots of holiday movies. I love watching the 25 days count down till Christmas on ABC, and most importantly, it has been a constant tradition that I have to watch all of the Home Alone movies! It is indeed one of my favorite things to do during Christmas. Do you guys have a favorite holiday movie or movies?


In addition to hot chocolate, I love deviled eggs and green bean casseroles! I also love cooking turkey even though it literally takes all day! But the fact of being in the kitchen and smelling the holiday cooking brings me so much joy! I look forward to starting this new tradition in my new home! What is your holiday tradition and what is your favorite holiday food?