Got the Blues

I am definitely slacking on posting up new outfits and new blog posts because my reality is getting extremely overwhelming πŸ™ Sometimes, I wish I could drop everything and just play dress up and take pictures all day for my blog but I can’t. Anyway, that is why this post goes so well with the outfit πŸ˜€ Got the Blues. This dress is actually an old dress that was worn about 2-3 times..What I really love about this dress is the belt that you can tie anyway you wanted, so I made a cute bow on the back. and as you can tell it is super low cut, I paired it with a pink tank top for a pop of color. The bow tied around my waist create the look for the skirt being puffy. Now my heels have different colors on them and I love that I can tie the strings on my calves. This look is cute and great for a walk in the park!
I know you are probably thinking that the weather must be getting cold, but honestly, the weather I am at is super bipolar. One day it is gloomy and cold, the next it is sunny and beautiful. I hoping it doesn’t get too cold too fast because I still have tons of dresses and summer clothing I want to share! But if not, fall is great too πŸ™‚
{Pink Top: Abercrombie} {Dress: Hollister} {Heels: DSW}