Golden Queen

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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go since you were little? I definitely did when I went to see the Golden Gate Bridge! Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to travel and create different experiences and memories. One of them was to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

Maybe many of you can relate to this: I grew up watching many TV shows and one of them was Full House. I love love loveee that show! So much so that I was very excited when Fuller House happened. John Stamos is a gorgeous man! haha But the show itself had many great life lessons. Anyway, if you guys know that show, you’d recognize that the Golden Gate Bridge was the bridge they drive on in the theme song. Ever since I got emotionally invested in the show, I’ve always wanted to see the bridge and the house. I love that the bridge is ginormous and the engineering is amazing. That itself was enough to capture my eyes and made me want to visit.

So I made it a mission to visit the bridge when I visited San Francisco. Being there in person, I was in awe, speechless and full of joy. Not only did I saw it once during my trip, I also went back the second day, but the second time around I decided to walk all the way across the bridge and back. As I walked on the bridge, I admit I was a little scared, but that feeling of the thrill was fun.

I am not a fan of being above a large mass of water but I didn’t let that stop me from walking on the bridge that day. I felt accomplished once I made it back to the car. I couldn’t believe I actually walked and saw the bridge because it was one of those moments when my dream actually came true. I felt so little on this ginormous piece of art! Until today, I am still impressed at how this bridge was designed and put together. If you haven’t been to San Francisco, I would suggest you visit and see this amazing bridge.

The bridge is a perfect spot for a photoshoot. That evening, I wanted to go for a classy look and of course match with the bridge in anyway that I possibly could. I wore a red crop top with a plunge neckline I got from Forever 21. I paired it with a black skirt from Express. The red top is cotton and is very soft! The skirt material is thick and the material is durable. I love the fact that the skirt isn’t too puffy. To spice up the outfit, I wore gold accessories because to me gold is very classy. I added a thin waist belt to my outfit, along with a small leopard cross body purse from Kate Spade. Lastly, the heels! They are indeed my first Valentinos. This outfit was the perfect outfit for this evening shoot and great for a dinner date.

This photoshoot was so amazing and I would do it all over again. I love that in each of my photos, you can slowly see the sun is setting! Here is a funny fact, to top it off at how excited I felt that evening to stand at the Golden Gate Bridge, we watched the sunset and just enjoyed the view. And then an attempt to take a selfie did not go down so well. My phone dropped and hit the rocks causing my screen to shattered into pieces. I had no choice but to take my phone the next day to an Apple Store to get it repaired. I was upset my phone was shattered but I had such an amazing time that a broken screen wasn’t going to ruin my vacation.

Till next time my loves,