Girl in Red

{Dress: The Limited (petite)} {Heels: DSW} {Watch: Michael Kors} {Clutch: Kate Spade}

Hello loves! I am sooo soooo sooo sorry I have been kind of MIA lately! Lots of things has been happening and I am just so overwhelmed with everything. I recently made a change in my career, decided to quit my job in Richmond, VA because I felt like I needed a change in my life. I am at that point in life where I know I should be happy because I have something going for myself, but you know, I really am was not happy where I was just because I lost my motivation in the job and I lost passion for it. Passion is the key to success and I knew it was just not for me anymore so I packed all my things and will be going far away! It is a secret to where I will be working at but if you pay close attention to my Instagram post lately, I am sure you will get the hint of where I will be!

Enough rambling about my life, I will talk about it more on the next blog post! That means you’ll just have to stay tune to find out the rest of the story as my life moves forward.

With this outfit, I really wanted to keep it as simple as possible because red is such a bold color! It is lovely, elegant, rich, and so sexy on every skin tone! You know how they say black is your best friend? Well Red, is my best friend! I love how it makes me feel and look when I put on a red dress or anything red of that matter. I always feel a burst of positive energy, and empowering sensation. My moto: When sad, put on red!



So with this look, the red dress is perfect for a dinner party with family or friends! It is not too short or too long, just the right length in my opinion. I have to say the neckline is my favorite part of this dress. I paired it with black heels, of course with this look, opened toes and an ankle strap from the heels makes it just perfect! Accessories- I wore a gold Michael Kors watch (this is very dear to me, this was the first watch I received as a gift and it was the first present from my boyfriend for my graduation). If you know me, I am in love with gold jewelry for some odd reason and it goes perfect with red and a touch of black. I completed this look with my fun short hair in curls and leopard clutch. 







What do you think of this outfit? You’d think you would wear it? Don’t forget follow me on instagram for more recent updates and show me some love, leave comments because I will sure to reply! 




Love, your one and only Linh! <3

p.s. gotta give thanks to Jared! He and I collaborated this photoshoot since my boyfriend is temporarily taking a break from being my personal photographer lol But Jared did such a good job! I cannot be happier with how this photoshoot came out! Sadly, I was only able to meet up with him twice before I left Richmond. But it was great, so I cannot wait to see the pictures from our second photoshoot!