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Have you ever felt lost even though it appears as if you already have everything?

It might seem like I have my life together based on what you see on social media but I really don’t. I am just a person like you all trying to find my way through the uncertainties and challenges of keeping up with reality and chasing my dreams. I am living a double life and I have been doing it for so long that at times it gets exhausting. I have moments where I just want to sit quietly with my thoughts. Whenever I do this, I often wonder what am I doing with my life: is what I’m doing the right thing to do? Whether it’s about relationships, heart aches, career, goals, dreams etc. I constantly shuffle through these thoughts in my head. I have so many questions, but I’ve come to realize that I won’t always have the answers and that is completely okay.

To explain why I said I am living a double life, I went to college for a Finance and Risk Management degree. I didn’t pursue my passion in the fashion industry because I was told that it wasn’t going to be easy, that it wouldn’t provide enough money to live, and that I wouldn’t be successful. Growing up in an Asian household, my parents are quite traditional and they wanted me to be either a lawyer, doctor, or in a secure business that can support me. I was brought up having to go to school, get good grades, finish with a college degree, get married, and start a family. So I took the safe route and left my dream behind because I allowed fear to control my life. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for my education and love my current job, but I also love blogging, fashion, photography, and the entire creative process. So as a compromise, I work a full time job doing what I enjoy during the day and at night and on weekends I spend my time chasing after my dream.

It is really tough trying to balance both aspirations and keep up with my personal life. But who said success was easy? Life will test you in many ways and your success will be mainly up to you, with help and support from your loved ones of course.

Just because you are lost doesn’t you mean you are not successful. Being lost can be the best thing for you. To me being lost allows me to be creative and make my own luck. Being lost allows me to explore options and it doesn’t restrict me to one path or one way of doing things. There are plenty of routes that we all can take in life. I believe in making your own luck! Although it does require unending motivation, dedication, and good ‘ol hard work. So for those of you who are lost out there, don’t worry about not finding yourself and not having answers to life’s questions because you are always growing and will be exposed to new experiences throughout your life. Always have an open mind so you can appreciate every moment that you are gifted and learn from everyone around you. The you yesterday isn’t the you today. So get out there, get lost and stay humble! Make your own luck! And above all, don’t forget to share what you have learned with the people you meet along the way.

Speaking of luck, do you guys have a weird tradition or belief when it comes to feeling lucky? To me, wearing red gives me luck. I also feel really sexy in the color red because it is so bold and daring! It gives me so much confidence. Clothes that can make me feel that way about myself are the ones worth keeping! This red dress I am wearing is definitely worth keeping. The fabric is so breathable, and super soft!

When wearing it, it felt like I didn’t have any clothes on because it was so light! Being a petite person I love dresses that shows off my legs because in my opinion, it makes me look taller! If you are looking for a dress that is breathable, lightweight, and easy to wear, this is your dress! You can wear this in a couple of different ways. The split in the dress allows you to be creative with what you want to wear at the bottom.

I chose to wear a body suit underneath this dress. You can wear it with a shorter bodycon dress underneath this to create the high and low illusion. If it is too cold, wear jeans or leggings underneath and pair it with boots or heels. I love the fact that the dress has long sleeves, because the big split in the middle balances it out. Being petite, I am always trying to find the right pair of heels to style with my long dresses, and the ankle strap heels went so well with this look! With the neckline of the dress, I wore a statement necklace to bring attention to my neckline. I completed this look with a black hat, plus it was so sunny that day, this hat came in handy. How would you guys wear this dress??

Let me know down below! Till next time,

Love, Linh

  • Maxi dress: Tobi
  • Heels: DSW
  • Necklace: Charolette Russe
  • Ring: Zales


  • sharon wu

    Girl I am totally with you! This is such a great post. Even today I still feel lost (and I probably will for the rest of my life) and it can be really scary at times, but where’s the fun in life if everything is already certain, right? I think you’re doing a really brave thing and a great job pursuing your dream. Many people get sucked into doing what they think they need to do for a living… that they spend their entire lives making a living, rather than actually living. Success does take time and is no easy overnight feat, but that’s what makes it so worth it. My parents did the same with me as yours did, carving out the traditional Asian path for me to take in life. Like you, I’m not regretful of my degree and credentials/skills I’ve gained from school, because ultimately it’s taught me the importance of hard work. Whatever the job, wherever you work, hard work will always make you stand out and ultimately achieve success. You mentioned luck — I think luck only exists in terms of being somewhere or doing something at the right time/place… but hard work and dedication is what makes things actually happen! Good luck alone won’t take you the whole way 😉 So, keep it up babe! You’re doing great <3 xoxo, sharon


  • Sydney Style Blogger

    Love this read babe. Love how honest and open you are about your personal life. I was geared to have the same outlook and life itinerary. But, my life took a turn when I was much younger so I’m doing some catching up now, investing time and effort into my passions for the sake of them being my passion only!