Crop Top

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Happy Wednesday! Ever since I got back from my week vacation in Florida, I have been nothing but super busy and eating not so healthy! I hope you all are having a great week! Over the weekend I went roller skating and Disneyland. My younger brother is in town visiting me for the holidays so I don’t have to be alone. How exciting that Christmas and New Years is coming?! I am so excited but at the same time sad that my year flew by so quick!

So I will keep this short and simple. With this outfit, again I wanted to show you all that crop tops are so versatile. You can literally wear it with anything you want. Crop tops gives you longer legs especially if you pair it with high rise shorts! With these two combos, the one with the pencil skirt, I was going for a sexier look and sophisticated. The pencil skirt hugs your body just enough to show off your beautiful figure, what I love most about this pencil skirt is that it is high-rise, it is just right below the crop top, showing about an inch of your torso is pretty sexy if you ask me! The second look was gearing towards more casual and relax look because of the pants. They can be worn either as high-rise or low rise. You can either leave the ankle part down or pull it up above your ankles. It really all depends on what you feel like. Again these items are all so comfortable to wear.

What I love most about the top is definitely the lace part! Can’t go wrong with lace. Lastly, I completed these two looks with black heels. Every girl needs at least one black pair of heels in her closet and if you are like me then you’ll have more than one. But it never hurts to have more than one! When it comes to clothes, I like to have options 🙂

Love Linh