Crop it Up

Hey guys! I haven’t been so active with my Instagram and blogging 🙁 I apologized! I have been going through somethings and really needed to take care of it before anything else. It’s been crazy lately and all I can say is when things gets rough, keep your head up and smile because you are still breathing. I took a break from reality this weekend by going to Disneyland and just enjoyed my time there because honestly, I am never upset when I am at Disney. This whole weekend has been nothing but laughter and great food! I am forever thankful for my life. On that note, it is a very late night for me already, but I wanted to get this blog post up for you all because I CANNOT wait to show you my next post that I did over the weekend. It was extremely natural and even though the sun wasn’t out, I was still able to get some pretty amazing shots for you all! I will give you a hint of what it will be. This one is a little different than what I usually do. But that is really the point! I received some amazing under garment from Adore Me! Stay tune for the next post! While you wait, read the below!
So with this outfit, I am obsessed with crop tops and high waist shorts! Or any kind of high waist bottom. I love the fact that this combination shows off so much legs but at the same time it has an extremely classy look to it.
The crop top is a lace top I bought from Charlotte Russe, it is very comfortable and fits just right! I got these amazing white with black strips shorts from Forever 21, they are also super comfy! I also love the fact that they have buttons on the side and can never go wrong with pockets on shorts! Since this outfit is black and white. I love red so I went with red lipsticks and a red bag so spice up the look! Lastly, a pair of nice ankle straps heels completed this look! Hope you guys like it! How was your weekend!? I hope it was extremely eventful!
Love Linh