{Crop Top: Forever 21} {Skirt: Charlotte Russe} {Heels: DSW}

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Hey guys! I’m so so sorrryyyy for not being on time with this post! But I really had such a busy week and weekend and could not connect to my blog 🙁 however, I am back now! Soo over the weekend I decided to do a spontaneous trip back to the east coast to see my parents and friends. A couple of my friends from Virginia drove up to see me and we ate so much food! I always got to see my high school friends that I haven’t seen since high school graduation! And lastly, I saw my bestfriend 🙂 I think this weekend was much needed! I felt like I was living my life to the fullest because I did many things I wouldn’t imagine myself doing. But that is another story for another day! Just know, life is too short to not do what you want to do 🙂 I hope you all had a good weekend! So let’s dive into this outfit!

With this top I got from forever 21, since it was a crop top, it was so easy for me to pair it with pretty much anything, skirts, shorts or pants. But with this look specifically, I wanted to show you guys two combination, one with a pencil skirt and the other one is with pants. I love both styles honestly. Skirt is however more of a night scene just because it hugs your body and it has a more sexy look for night time. With the pants, it is loose and baggy but so stylish! You can wear it out during day time to a brunch!
Anyway I hope you all have a great week! My brain isn’t working at this hour because I spent half of my day on an airplane and went straight to work running on a couple of hours of sleep 🙁 so it is time for my beauty sleep. Until next time my loves!
Love Linh