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Come Sea With Me

Can you believe it’s already almost the end of Aug?

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What am I doing with my life? lol this year has gone by so fast! But luckily, I am thankful that summer seems like to never end in California. Sorry my east coaster, I still love ya but I don’t think I want to spend time digging my car out of the snow in the winter anymore. Now that I am done rambling, let’s get into this fun yacht party I had with Poshmark!

Typically, you would find me in an office chair reading contracts all day long. Yes, your gurl have a normal job during the day. I know hard to believe but someone has to pay the bills, and we all know my cat is just freeloading. But on this special Weds, I decided to take a vacation day because why not? Who doesn’t want to go to a yacht party with Poshmark? I along with my amazing date and photographer for the day Michelle met up at the docking station in Long Beach, CA.

We held hands and party on the yacht like any Crazy Rich Asians would do (jk, but go see the movie, it is out today!). But on a real note, we drank coconut water out of cute coconuts, we chatted with many people but most importantly, we weren’t paying attention to the nice view… instead we did photoshoots on every corner of the yacht. I’m not complaining because it was so much fun! If you follow me on Instagram you can still view my stories for BTS. Keep scrolling down to see impromptu iPhone photoshoots as well as photos by another photographer; Melissa! Enough talking, I’ll let you guys be the judge.

Photos by Michelle 

Male model: @timmm.c









































Photos by Melissa 

@missmisschelle & @bethann.wagner







@theamandaweiss, @missmisschelle, @iamrenfro, & @chestersee


  • marcy

    OMG love your pictures babe you look so beautiful and fresh! The high waist swim is adoaale on you.
    I’m all about summer and sea too!! Not even ready to welcome Fall. I want summer all year long.


  • Michelle Sun

    FINALLY, I had a chance to visit your blog! I’ve been so swamped with irose, photography, & babysitting work, gah LOL but yo gurl is finally back 😀 Love love loved editing your photos and you are FIREEEEE. So glad that we got to hang out that day and thank you so much for inviting me, you know how much I love Poshmark LOLOL ^___^ Hope we can meet again soon for another shoot 😉

  • Christine Kong

    What a fun event! I love this bikini and the red and pink just pop! Sounds like you had a great time and I am dying to see Crazy Rich Asians too! I haven’t tried Poshmark yet but definitely need to as I have tons of stuff lying around to sell! Have a great weekend babe! xoxo, Christine
    Daily | Kongfidence

  • Sharon

    you’re so cute linh! i saw some of these photos on your fb and instagram and love how they turned out. looks like you had a blast at the poshmark event. i’ll definitely check out your closet soon! i need to update mine too hahaha