Come Relax With Me

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What is your definition of relaxing? To me it means I am checking out of social media, work, no phone, no emails, and just spending time with my loved ones without being distracted from everyday life activities. Our generation is so quick to adapt to emerging technologies that all our activities involve some variation of them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against technology because it honestly does help me keep in contact with my family and friends, especially when I live across the country from everyone. But it does take a lot of energy and attention from me. So with that, I do try to put it down once in a while to actually take time for myself, hang out with my cat, and see my loved ones.

Do you guys get stressed out often? I know I do because living a double life does take a toll on you, I love hustling and chasing after my dream but there are days where I do get frustrated and stressed because I am missing out on so much from everyday life. It is much easier said than done to not stress. Stressing is so bad for you but you can’t help it when life moves too fast around you.

As I grew older, I also realized that our parents and love ones might not be around forever. The thought of that is so sad and disheartening but that is the very essence of the circle life. In realizing this inevitability of life, I know I need to relax and actually enjoy my time with the ones I care for because tomorrow is not promised. As much as I want to get to where I am in my career, working my butt off day in day out, I make an effort to “check out” off social media, put it all away, and focus all my attention to my loved ones. I make time for myself to do absolutely nothing, read a book I’ve been meaning to finish, watch a tv show that I am behind on, call my parents, cuddle with my cat, go to a spa, go to the gym or get alone and quality time with my significant other etc. just doing things that makes me happy besides my job.

Stressing can effect your body, health, mind and soul. One thing I’ve learned is that no matter how much money you have, without your health and having people you love around you, happiness will always be out of reach. Life isn’t life and living isn’t living when you are unable to do things you want to do because of your health.

Those are enough reasons for me to know that no matter where I am, what I am doing in life, my health and time with my loved ones are more important to me than money and fame. At the end of the day, without money and fame, those are the people who love me unconditionally. Without them I wouldn’t be who I am today. Therefore, I take extra steps to not stress out and learn how to relax and disconnect myself from all the distractions and to live in the present. That makes me happy, it makes me feel relaxed and at peace. That is why I am on vacation for a week, so I can spend it with my loved ones. You guys should too! Nothing is more important than that. So don’t forget to use your time wisely 🙂

So how do you guys destress and relax?

Now lets jump into this outfit. It is such a simple black dress I received from SheIn, such a lovely brand. Their clothes are affordable and the quality is great! The item is a cotton dress. I typically don’t wear items with big fonts on them, but this one really caught my eye because it has the word “REALX” plastered on it! Either way, as soon as I saw this dress, I knew I wanted it! It is such a comfy look and so easy to wear. I created a more edgy but still feminine look with this dress. I paired it with black booties from DSW. Since I wanted to make the dress more feminine, I twisted a knot on the side of the dress to give it the look of a body-con dress. We all know the chokers are making a comeback! I had on two chokers to complete the outfit. I kept my makeup very natural and did a nude lip color. The look isn’t too edgy so you definitely can rock this look out during the day!

Shop my look below! And let me know how you guys would style this look!

Till next time,

Love Linh

– Dress – SheIn

-Shoes – DSW