Colourrrful Kimono

Sorry for the delay guys! I’ve been super busy this past month traveling out of town for work and seriously no time to take pictures or write new posts. However, if you follow me on Instagram (it is my main online network) then I am sure you have seen my new outfits. If you’re not go FOLLOW and be my FRIEND! 🙂 Anyway, I did some online shopping at the Look Book Store and let me tell you. GOODNESS I wanted to buy every single item I saw on there! However, I was obsessing over these colorful shorts, there is one more item I bought but stay tune for another post! Anyway, these shorts may look super strange to many people but to me they are fun. Being different is good. The pom pom on the bottom of the shorts are super playful. I paired these shorts with a white heart shape spaghetti strap top. It was drizzling and a little chilly that day, I decided to use my big scarf and turned it into a kimono. What do you like wearing on a day like this? Keep looking down, you’ll see more pictures of another color kimono 🙂

{Top: Costa Blanca} {Shorts: Look Book Store} {Kimono: Vietnam(handmade silk)} {Heels: DSW}


I love playing in the water




This was super fun! However, my shoes were soaking wet after !