Cinderella Heels

{Top: Look Book Store} {Skirt: Forever 21} {Heels: DSW}

Hello everyone, how was your weekend? My weekend was super exciting however, even though the weather is super nice but I am seriously dying from allergies. Anyway, I am really excited to share with you this outfit.

This outfit is really adorable and I love the everything about it because you can really wear this outfit out just about anywhere. The heels reminds me of Cinderella heels because it is so innocent looking and super stylish.

I paired this outfit starting with the heels this time instead of building the outfit and then the heels to complete it. This outfit has many different patterns but yet each piece of the clothing compromise each other very well. The white top is so simple, super soft and breathable. It is perfect for the summer as well as the spring. I wore a plaid skirt with this white top and walah you got yourself a beautiful outfit.

Oh! In addition, my picture was reposted and it had so many likes that I just love it! I am so happy to see so much love! Thank you all! Tell me what you think about this outfit and make sure you follow my Instagram for more updates!