Changing Colors

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Hey guys! Happy Monday!

I know I haven’t really been consistent with posting a blog post! I apologized they are never on the same schedule and that is because I don’t blog full time 🙁 since I have a full time job during the day so the only time I really have is on the weekends so I will try to make an effort to keep blogging consistent and if you want to see my posts daily, please go follow me on Instagram (@xcapewithlinh) !

So here is what I will attempt and put lots of effort into doing this, I will post once every two weeks on Mondays at 6pm EST/3PM PST. I hope to get your support and love when a new blog post is up on my blog site!
On another note, it has been such a long fun and adventurous week for me. A good friend of mine came to visit and we did so much in one week! it was so much fun but I have to say my body is not equip to staying up all night and running on couple of hours of sleep the next day and do it all over. But I can’t complain much because I was again being a tourist in my own new city! It is pretty exciting and I know I have not seen everything yet and I don’t think I ever will since California is just so big!
Lately, my friends and family in the east coast has been saying the weather is getting cooler and the fall is here, I see many pictures with leaves changing colors and people are dressing for the fall weather and here I am still going to the beach in the hot 90+ degrees weather! I have to say it is a little strange but I love it at the same time. However, I will for sure miss a white Christmas this year.

So to stop all the rambling I am doing, lets dive into this outfit! This outfit remind me of the fall weather in the east coast, I was in the woods with so many trees and I am not sure why the red and green makes me think of the fall. I guess it is because the red color is a warm color. I know this outfit is totally for the summer but hey, why not? I sure can’t feel the cold weather yet here in California.

What I love the most about this outfit is the red shorts, they have pockets and from looking at the front, you cannot tell they are shorts! The short is so comfortable to wear, I paired it with a black top, with these types of shorts, I think it is best to tuck the top inside the shorts to show them off and plus it gives you the illusion of longer legs!

My outfits are very simple but with a touch of glamour to it. I decided to wear my red heels with this outfit, the heels are just so darn adorable! And of course, I always have gold jewelry to go with this outfit. Lastly, I wore a black/gold cross body bag to complete this look. Where would you wear this outfit to? I would wear it out at night time for a drink at a bar, or if I want to dress it down, I would wear flats or a nice sandal with it.

Love, Linh