Black On Black

{Top & Skirt: Express} {Heels: DSW} {Purse: Kate Spade}

Happy sunday loves! This week has been so fast for me and kind of frustrating in a way! So since I’ve recently moved into my new apartment and all of a sudden everything started to break such as my shower, my oven, bug problems etc. It is a disaster so I now may not have a shower to use for the night! Anyway, hopefully everything will be fine and back to normal!




So with this outfit I wanted to just add two specific colors, a bright orange and navy blue heels. I know what you are thinking, those two colors does not go together! That’s my point, there’s no such thing as things can’t go with each other in my opinion. I believe that fashion is about being yourself and some people may love it and some may hate it but you know what? As long as you think you look good, it really doesn’t matter what people think! There’s my preach for the day. So if you think about it, being different is how fashion trend starts. I’m not saying I want to start one, I just want you all to be comfortable in your own skin no matter what people say.




Back to the outfit, I love crop tops with skirts or shorts. They just go so well together and it reminds me of fashion back in the day!


This outfit is again very simple and I love that it is solid colors and if you look closely it has designs on it. The top can either be strapless or with straps, I just preferred strapless for this look. The skirt is my favorite part!



So I am still new to the area of LA, what’s fun around here? Also, I am in need of a photographer for my blog! Anyone have good recommendations?