Beauty Within

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What do you think about when you think of the word beauty?

To me beauty is how I feel both on the inside as well as the outside. I believe beauty starts from within. I know it can be a challenge sometimes but I believe your mind is a very powerful thing. Believe me when I say, sometimes it is hard to think positive of ourselves due to what we see in magazines , tv or on social media. We tend to think less of ourselves when we look in the mirror because we feel that we need to look and dress a certain way to be considered pretty.

Let me tell you that you shouldn’t have to feel that way. You are beautiful just the way you are. At the end of the day it is all in your mind and if you are happy with yourself then that is all that should matter. Don’t let people make you feel anything less because you are unique and you are beautiful.

I am a petite person and vertically challenged (short people problems haha) I grew up and was always teased because I am (and still is) always the smallest in my class and I have freckles (which is odd for an asian to have). I was told that being small and short is considered not pretty enough and I will never be a model because of how I look. As a little girl at the time, I took that to heart and wasn’t confident in myself about anything. Anytime I get a compliment, I’ve always assumed people are just being nice to me. I find myself constantly comparing myself to what I see on social media or other people I encounter. Eventually I noticed it wasn’t healthy for me to think or feel that way. I knew I had to change, but how?

I started of with training my mind to not think a certain way about myself. As cheesy or weird as it sounds, but every time I start to criticize myself about how I look, I make an effort to stop before going too far. I then would compliment myself and be thankful for what I have. As time passed by, I grew thicker skin and didn’t care about what people had to say about myself and just started being me. I know we all can agree that we are our worst critic when it comes to judging ourselves. However, we need to realize that the majority of people we’ve encountered are all insecure about something. We are not the only one, therefore, at the end of the day it is how we choose to think of ourselves. We are the key to our happiness.

With that being said, lets talk about this beautiful dress! Being a short person, I tend to have such hard time finding clothes and I have to admit, there are times I would get super frustrated because I like an outfit so much but being short and petite, even the smallest size would’t fit me. I love dresses and this year I have been obsessed with maxi dresses. I must admit, sometimes I am afraid to wear them because they are either too long or at an awkward length and instead of looking elegant and tall in it, I would look like I have no legs lol I’m sure many of you shorties (fun size) gals or guys can relate with being short.

This time I didn’t let the fear stop me. I went to Lulu’s and started looking at maxi dresses and found this amazing burgundy dress. The best part of this dress is that you can wear the top in so many different ways. I wore mine as a crisscrossed back and created a V neck line. The dress fits me perfectly. The fabric is super dense but so soft! I kept my accessories minimal because this dress said it all. Even though you couldn’t see my heels, it was tall enough to make me not look super short in this gown!

So lesson learned, stop judging yourself because of how you look! Think positive and everything will come as it should. Try new styles and if they don’t work out, at least you tried it! I will definitely wear more maxi dresses now because I actually like how it makes me look!

Till next time my loves,

Linh – xcapewithlinh

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