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If I were to ask you “what is one thing you’d like to change about yourself?” I am sure I wouldn’t be the only one with a long list of things I wish I could change about myself. Haha as bad as it sounds it is true. Growing up in this overly critical society isn’t easy – it is a tough world whether you like it or not. The majority of us don’t show it but deep down inside we all have insecurities. So today my topic will be about our flaws and how we should accept them and love each and every one of them.

Growing up I’ve always struggled with the image that I need to look a certain way such as being tall with long legs; lush, soft and silky hair; a flat stomach, and the list goes on. All of these ideas of how I should look were starting to sound like I needed to be a completely different person. Everything about me was wrong. It at that moment that I realized it wasn’t healthy to view myself in such a negative way. My problem was that I was never satisfied with what I had; instead, I always wanted more of everything. I think the majority of us can agree that in hard times, we wish we had something else better instead of what we have. But instead of thinking that way, we should accept what we have and know that it could be much worse.

Your flaws could be emotional, physical or even both! I have both! For example, when it comes to ‘emotion’, I have a problem with trusting people. The reasons behind it aren’t just one but many. Throughout my life, I have had to find out the hard way when it comes to trust – whether it is friends, or from my past relationships, there have been many lies and considerable dishonesty that I’ve encountered. Through it all, it made me stronger emotionally. However, it left me with scars that I am slowly trying to heal. Because of all those things, it now takes a lot for me to trust and believe in someone. This is one of my flaws, however, I choose to think of it in a different light. I don’t see it as a flaw; I see it as strength. Why? Because of these experiences, I believe I now have a better judge of character. I now know better when it comes to putting my trust in someone else’s hands. I am no longer naïve and I use that to pick the people I surround myself with in everyday life.

When it comes to the ‘physical’ aspect, a couple of things that I considered as flaws: I am too short, I have a giant scar down my left leg, I have stretch marks, I bloat even when I don’t eat anything, I can fit into kids clothing because I have no boobs (or butt)…I can keep going but it wouldn’t do me any good! So if you are like me and have the same issues, listen up!  You shouldn’t consider any of these things “flaws”. No one is perfect! Perfection does not exist in my eyes and it shouldn’t in yours either. I am far from being perfect. But the flaws I think I have are what I consider perfect. These are all the things that make up who I am. With these physical flaws, it doesn’t change who I am. So ladies and gentlemen love your flaws and see them as your perfection. Being short, I call it “fun size”! I can be creative with my clothing, and sometimes shopping in kid’s sections doesn’t hurt my bank. The giant scar I have on my left leg is a funny memory of my cat. My stretch marks are part of growing up, it just meant I grew a couple of inches when I hit puberty. You see what I am doing here? I choose to look at the good side of these flaws and now they are no longer considered flaws. Think of them as an advantage that others don’t have. You are unique in your own way!

Lastly, I used to be insecure about wearing a bathing suit. Yes, to most of you, my body is fit, but when I look at myself, sometimes I don’t feel in shape. I am sure you guys can relate in this department. But thankfully this bathing suit I received from Zaful is actually amazing. Not only does it remind me of the phrase “Star Struck” but it made me feel pretty sophisticated! This one piece is just so classy and retro, I love the cutout areas that it has. I used to think one-piece bathing suits were not as cool as a bikini but my mind has now changed. This one piece is so sexy! The cut out is in all the right places leaving your imagination wander. I love the high neckline giving the illusion of smaller shoulders. Likewise, the cut out on the sides creates a slimmer look around your waistline. From the back, it looks like a bikini! Best of both worlds! Talk about the design and the details. What more can you ask for? When I put on a bathing suit, I want to feel sexy, sophisticated and confident in myself and this bathing suit definitely did its job! Who said you can’t look cute in a one piece? So for those who are still in the summer mood and the weather is still warm in your area, get this bathing suit! If not, save it for next year! The bathing suit is only $16! It has been marked down from $21. You can look cute, and your wallet will thank you for this. Direct link –> Zaful

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  • Julia

    Thank you for sharing this open and honest post with us, Linh. I am so overly critical of myself too and I love the way you put a positive spin on flaws by making them into assets !
    On another note, you look stunning in these photos and I love this swimsuit (the cut outs are awesome!)
    Have a lovely week,
    Julia x

  • Jo

    Thank you for sharing your honest and open thoughts with us! I can absolutely relate to everything you’ve said here. There are certainly days when I don’t feel completely confident in myself. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who feels this way too from time to time. So thanks again for relaying your feelings with us. You are beautiful both inside and out.

    xo, Jo

  • Jo

    I love this post Linh! I appreciate you being so honest and open about the struggles we all have. I often wonder why I didn’t have the longer or toner legs other girls have. This post makes me appreciate and love myself the way I am now. Thank you so much for inspiring me. Glad we connected here.

    By the way, you look flawless. This bathing suit is like designed for you. Perfect images as well.


  • Miki

    You look beautiful babe. I have a blue of like this by Mara Hoffman.

    It’s really amazing how we can be so hard on ourselves. Since moving to LA, I’ve had the worse breakouts and acne in my life, and have worked hard to try and reduce it. It’s a work in progress and it’s getting a lot better, but lifestyle, environmental changes, even dietary changes have made it all a major problem. There isn’t much I can change. It clears up every time I leave California for a trip lol. I didn’t have such bad skin before and am dealing with scaring, but I had to remind myself that i am not defined by my skin. I define me. And when I took control of that, I felt so much better it’s not 100% because my skin is far from what it was, but it’s progress. Thanks for sharing!


    • Xcapewithlinh

      Thank you for sharing! Trust me I understand acne! My face sometimes would have breakouts out of no where, it was bad when I lived in the east coast. It has gotten better but still not much. You are correct, it does not define you!

  • Jenn Hanft

    Aw girl, I loved how personal this post is and how open you are! I can seriously relate to the idea of comparing yourself to this “ideal” image that people and society expect from you. Growing up I have always been self conscious on things like that too, my flaws, and how I am never good enough. It’s very exhausting and hurts to feel this way. Especially with trust too! I’m a huge person on trust and for a long time I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone which made dealing with these insecurities so much harder, but I’m so glad that you’re looking on the brighter side of things! Making flaws become assets are great. I love the cut outs!! This really makes the illusion of a 2 piece when it’s really a 1 piece. I love how it makes it so unique and you look amazing in it!

    XO Jenn

  • Stephanie

    First off, I think that you look incredible, no matter what YOUR mind might try and tell you. Our brains are deceiving, and they like to believe all the negative things that we hear, but ya know what? We were made perfectly because each and every one of us is unique. I have the most horrible acne and my boobs aren’t even a B-cup, and my cellulite and stretch marks are terrible, BUT I’m me, and no one else is me, and I love that! I’m glad you’re finding ways to love yourself as well. It’s such a rewarding feeling!! 🙂 Thanks for opening up and sharing this, babe!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  • Sharon Wu

    You’re so inspirational, Linh! Thanks for being so open and honest. I definitely have my flaws too and sometimes I can be super critical of myself. So, I really appreciate you for inspiring me to look at the bright side and you’re right — there is no one with the same exact flaws as me and that’s what makes me unique! Love this bathing suit on you too and the cut-outs look amazing and flatter your body really nicely 🙂 Wishing you a lovely weekend! Let’s hang out soon xo, sharon